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MIAMI — The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) is advising customers choosing to pay their bills online that they begin the process straight from WASD’s website and select the option Pay Water Bill.

“An unauthorized and unapproved third party payment company is advertising its services online and inappropriately using the Miami-Dade County logo and WASD website images on their webpage,” warned WASD Director Kevin Lynskey. “Customers wishing to pay online should only do so through the WASD website.”

When WASD customers use the department’s authorized payment vendor, the customer’s account and payment history is automatically and instantly updated. If a non-authorized company waits too long between processing the payment and delivering it to WASD, a customer could risk being assessed a late fee or even risk having their service disconnected.

In addition to paying with a credit card, customers can always pay by mail, phone, in person at a WASD office or approved privately-owned pay stations. More information on payment options can be found here.