BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – The City of Boynton Beach welcomed the South Florida community to its second annual Haitian Flag Raising Ceremony & Cultural Celebration with poetry, dance, art, music, cuisine, a flag-raising ceremony, guest speakers, refreshments and more on Saturday in front of City Hall. Afterward, attendees enjoyed an art experience at the adjacent Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center featuring poetry, a drum & dance class, an art exhibition, face painting, Haitian food delicacies, a 360-degree photo booth and live entertainment. Sojourners with Healing Hearts, Inc. offered women free mammograms. Haitian Flag Day, observed by Haitians living in and outside of Haiti, and their friends, celebrates the creation of the country’s flag during the Haitian revolution and is celebrated each year on May 18, the date of the flag’s adoption in 1803.