MIAMI — Offering an array of new continuing education courses, from women’s rights to health and fitness, Miami Dade College (MDC) North Campus is launching a new Women’s Institute focusing on women’s interests and the demands and opportunities facing the largest demographic segment of our country.

The Women’s Institute is open to all – women and men — and draws upon the campus’ interdisciplinary resources, which will offer courses in history, women’s rights, art appreciation, humanities, creative writing, legal affairs, entrepreneurship, home/car repairs, self-discovery and wellness.

“Women’s issues are a focus of attention here at home and abroad,” said Malou C. Harrison, MDC North Campus President.  “We want to offer women an array of opportunities to grow, discover, create, and network.”

The Campus has recruited a team of instructors to launch the Women’s Institute beginning this fall with the Women’s Studies Program developed in partnership with Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, an entrepreneur, global advocate and former public official who brings years of experience in women’s issues from her work around the world.

The Women’s Studies Program consists of three courses in Women’s Studies, Contemporary Issues and Identity Politics.  The program will be offered at the Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center every Monday and Wednesday starting Sept. 28; and at MDC-West on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Sept. 29 where the courses will be taught in Spanish.

The three-course program under the auspices of the MDC North Campus School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, will give women the tools to pave their way in a variety of fields among them are public service, advocacy and the professions. The courses will help individuals gain a better understanding of the importance of critical thinking, public speaking, and goal-setting in developing their leadership styles.

For more information, contact the Meek Center Continuing Education Office at (305) 237-1903.