Sasha Revolus is part of the Flourish Media team hosting a women’s conference on Feb. 16 and 17 at Florida International University’s main campus.


Staff Report

Sasha Revolus is a brand consultant and organizational specialist for Flourish Media. Revolus’ love of business could be due to the entrepreneurship in her DNA. Both parents have entrepreneurial backgrounds.

She’s also passionate about empowering other young women to pursue their dreams without limitation. Revolus, 30, became a clothing designer when she was 19. She was a hair stylist in Miami since she was 16-years old before deciding in 2014 to refocus and give back to her country of Haiti. Jeremie Charitable Foundation is a non-profit Revolus founded and she runs with her mother to give the children of Haiti a chance to live their lives through the arts.

Flourish Media is hosting a conference for women on Feb. 16 and 17 at Florida International University’s main campus; 11200 SW 8th Street, where business women and aspiring entrepreneurs will learn about branding, visibility and business funding. The two-day conference offers lectures and workshops from women leaders, successful female business owners and workshops with business professionals. The primary focus of the conference is to connect women with willing investors.

Below is a Q & A with Revolus regarding her business experience and next month’s conference: What have you learned as you experience growth in your business?

With all of the amazing growth this year, the biggest thing we learned was to always focus on being organized. We are so streamlined as a team that no time is wasted, and all confusion is avoided because we have a process.

You know the old saying, ” A place for everything and everything in its place?” We might as well print it on a shirt and wear it daily. As business owners it is easy to get lost in the confusion of growing, but being organized eases the growing pains.

What accomplishments from 2017 are you most proud of?

We had the opportunity to start a nonprofit this year. ‘Behind the Leaf’ helps diverse women see small business ownership as a viable opportunity for economic advancement by offering educational products, workshops, and networking events so that they can access resources and connect with mentors who understand and empower. We also expanded our company and created a ton of freelance opportunities for other women.

Who should attend The Flourish Media Conference and why? Anyone with a dream, an idea, an inkling and or a passion for business should attend. On any day of the conference you are in the room with six-figure earning YouTube bloggers to national brand owners that are on Walmart shelves; to even a 16-year old looking for guidance to become a first-generation business owner. Ideas flow through the veins of every entrepreneur and dreamer. Money and access are the separating factor. Our goal is to give the tools they need to maneuver their way through to success. Miami was just named one of the best places for entrepreneurship, but South Florida is still one of the places with the largest wage gap for women. Women receive a pathetic portion of business investment for startups. VIP attendees have the opportunity to pitch their businesses “Shark Tank” style to willing funders. This isn’t a competition, this is a true opportunity to hear feedback from investors in real-time.

What can attendees expect at the conference? We have phenomenal women leaders in Miami who are willing to share their knowledge as keynote speakers, panelist and advisors. Maxeme Tuchman, CEO and co-founder of Caribu, Inc. is moderating a panel, “Injecting Tech into Your Business.”

Keynote speakers include Wanda Tima of L’union Suite, the biggest Haitian American Media outlet with an average 10 million views a day; Editor Talia Oliver of The Shade Room, credited with changing the landscape of journalism for its ability to draw in eight million social followers and reach 94 million viewers. Every attendee is also entered to win $1500 business scholarship; as well as receive one month of free access to OWLMO, an online software that enables consultation based practices to manage bookings, payments, and video consultations all-in-one and directly from their website.

What advice do you have for other women entrepreneurs? Women have long been marginalized in entrepreneurship, but that trend is shifting.

With that shift come some struggles and uncharted territories. You have to dance outside of your comfort zone. Often, we are more bothered by failure and let it shake our confidence. Cut it out! Failure happens. It’s a part of every success story.