Throughout Asia, educators are implementing metaverse technology in schools as a tool for instruction PHOTO COURTESY OF

Throughout Asia, educators are implementing metaverse technology in schools as a tool for instruction, experimenting with VR applications to bring teaching beyond the classroom, creating new ways of imparting knowledge and skill.

For example, Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea is working to become a "metaversity" where classrooms are digitalized into the metaverse, offering training courses in cyberspace.

"In the metaverse, students can have first-person experiences as if they were the size of a virus or as large as the entire milky way. They could even be transported to ancient Rome or help build the Great Wall of China," says Mytaverse CTO and cofounder Jaime Lopez. "There are so many applications that are perfect to expand students’ horizons that are more than just the classroom. Learning becomes natural in a world that brings scholastics to life."

"The virtual campus can replicate an institution in which they are enrolled and can even bring the classroom to life. In metaverse classrooms, students can learn history by participating on the battlefield of a war or partaking in the plot of a literary novel that is unfolding before their eyes. There is very little in an actual classroom or a zoom that can replicate this type of learning."

Mytaverse is building the Metaverse for enterprise. Founded in 2020 by Kenneth Landau and Jaime Lopez, Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform that allows 3D-immersive, multiplayer workplace environments.

Mytaverse takes a hardware-agnostic approach, enabling users to enter the metaverse via any browser on any device, from mobile to desktop to VR goggles. Mytaverse raised a $7.6mm Seed Round in February 2022, led by Blumberg Capital. Companies like PepsiCo, Dassault Corporation, Zaha Hadid Architects, Asian Sky group, and Tekni-plex have already experienced the power of Mytaverse to bring their teams, partners, and customers together. Mytaverse allows companies to experience face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere, from any device.