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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Across the nation, drivers are seeing higher prices when pulling into their local gas station. The average price of gas in the State of Florida is now $2.73 per gallon; which is the highest it has been since December 2014. “High oil prices are the main reason gasoline is so expensive right now,” said hit 3-year high Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA – The Auto Group based in Tampa.

AAA provides automobile services to over 58 million members in the US and Canada and also monitors gas prices and road conditions. Currently, oil prices are $15 per barrel higher than last year. Some gas industry experts predict that gas prices will continue to increase citing several factors that will lead to higher prices. First, the high demand for gas during the upcoming summer driving season will push gas prices higher.

Also, the geopolitical policies of the Trump Administration have caused uncertainty in global oil markets. Threats by the US to cancel the Iran Nuclear Treaty, initiating a trade war with China and Canada on steel and aluminum imports, and unresolved tensions in the Middle East have rattled markets across the board Drivers in West Palm Beach-Boca Raton are have seen the highest prices at as much as $2.80 per gallon, while Orlando and Jacksonville reported the cheapest prices at $2.59.