BROWARD COUNTY, FL– Broward County Transit (BCT) is preparing to test one of several battery-powered electric buses that arrived at its Copans Garage this week. Over the summer, BCT will test several electric buses, made by different manufacturers, to obtain electric buses with the best and latest technology to add to its fleet.

Broward County Transit has been approved to purchase five battery-electric buses that will be used to service BCT’s new I-75 Express Bus Service to Miami scheduled to start in 2020.

“This is one more step in BCT’s efforts to transition to an all-electric bus fleet. This new and exciting technology comes with many benefits. Buses powered by renewable energy, rather than fossil fuels, are more economical, saving the County money on fuel and maintenance costs, and help improve our air quality by lessening the emission of harmful pollutants,” said Broward County Transportation Director, Chris Walton.

Construction is also slated to begin soon at BCT’s Ravenswood and Copans garages to modify the facilities to accommodate the addition of electric buses being added to the fleet.