FINALLY! The wait is over….if you’re looking for a coloring book app with tons of melanin skin tones, plenty of black girl magic, and relaxation at your finger tips, Color XO has you covered. This app was made for us by us and it is the blackest pixel art game ever!

Latoya Nicole, the creator of Color XO states: “Black girls rock at everything we do from creating art to being moms and we can be so self-sufficient and self-sacrificing that sometimes we can forget the importance of self-care. I hear black women talk about workplace stress so often and coloring is an activity that allows us to switch our brains off from other thoughts and focus and concentrate only on the moment which can help decrease stress. In 2018 I created physical coloring books such as best seller “24 Shades of Business” but as I did more research I noticed that African-Americans use smart phones more than any other group. That is why it was important for me to create options so I decided to create this color-by-numbers app for a little fun and relaxation.” You can download Color XO in the App Store and Google Play. Plus you can visit the website to buy the physical coloring books if you prefer unplugging from your smart phone.