The Republicans have finished fabricating lies at their three-ring circus, where their presidential nominee Donald Trump was the ringmaster. Trump is a master showman, and he knows how to strike fear in the hearts of his party. White America is angry, and it is time for them to take their country back, with Trump as the commander.

The majority of delegates at the most mismanaged Republican National Convention in recent history believe that America is the home of white people, and they just don’t understand how people of color are starting to run and manage the country.

When Donald Trump says he is the voice for America, he is essentially saying he is the voice for white supremacy.

It is a fact that many members in the Trump family had not even registered as Republicans at the time of the convention. Maybe at the Republican National Convention, it does not matter what one says or does, because the party has been hijacked by the Trump family.

As Trump stepped up to give his one hour and 14 minute speech, many knew he was there to paint a picture of doom and gloom in America and around the world. His speech was an overheated   exaggeration of the demise of America, and he placed problems in the world as a result of electing President Barak Obama. Even though Hillary Clinton was secretary of state three years ago, Trump is also blaming her for many problems in the world today.

Many Republicans will say that Trump hit a home run with his shouting for over an hour, but basically he appealed to his white base, and gave his standard stump speech. He is going to build a wall; the Mexican government will pay for it, he will destroy ISIS, and restore law and order in America.

Many Americans who were able to listen to the entire message felt that he gave no new policies or initiatives to move America forward into the   21st century.

Trump and the Republican Party can see only pessimism and negativity. His speech was created to divide America into them against us.

Trump says the number of police officers killed in the line of duty has risen by almost 50 percent compared to this point last year. This statement is not in accordance with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund which tracks fatalities daily. The group found that the number of police officers killed in the line of duty as of July 2016 is up just slightly this year at 67, compared to 62 during the same time period last year.   The fireworks have started because Trump is now the leader of the Republican Party, and no one in the party can predict what he will do or say next. After the 2016 RNC started with Mrs. Melania Trump plagiarizing a speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama during the 2008 Democratic Convention, the lies and exaggerations never stopped for the duration of the convention.