District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County, Ga., and New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg represent the means by which the U.S. government has been weaponized against him, according to former president Donald Trump. PHOTOS COURTESY OF FACEBOOK AND MANHATTANDA.ORG

When District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County, Ga. let the hammer drop on former president Donald J. Trump and his ragtag organization of co-conspirators last week with 41 RICO counts, MAGA supporters and media warriors fiercely declared that the Biden administration, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, Democrats, and Department of Justice are weaponizing the justice system to interfere with the 2024 election cycle.

The cries of Republicans regarding the Democratic Party supposedly targeting the levers of power against Trump and the GOP began earlier this year when House Judiciary Committee voted to convene a Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to investigate theories of the abuse and misuse of power by Democrats.

House Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) boasted that he intended to expose Manhattan, NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s particular role against Trump. Such efforts netted zero evidence to implicate Bragg in any type of wrongdoing.

Trump and friends are attempting to do the same thing in Georgia. Sources are reporting that the former president and George House representatives are working ferociously to find a legislative angle with which to impeach District Attorney Fani Willis. In a turn of events in the discussion of weaponizing the government, Trump is seeking to call a special session to impeach Willis “for potentially abusing her position of power by pursuing President Donald J. Trump.”

Unfortunately for Trump, he does not have an ally in Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. In layman’s terms, Kemp refuses to lie for Trump.

From the imperceptible lens of Black America, descendants of enslaved Africans, the alleged act of weaponizing the government against Trump is nothing more than the carnivorous myth of White supremacy system eating its own. In the past, the United States government has been on record and in the shadows of world and domestic affairs rummaging around and tactically re-arranging matters and policies for its own self interests. Whether it is funding Third World coups, selling weapons to Middle East dictators, or plotting the assassinations of African American social justice leaders, the hands of the U.S. government are beyond dirty. They are filthy.

The same government, historically, has legislatively weaponized itself against African Americans; first through the intent of the Constitution of the United States, and then through laws that turned American slavery into chattel generational slavery, Dred Scott, and the Missouri Compromise which boldly designated African Americans as “3/5ths” human.

After Reconstruction, Jim Crow and segregation were used to weaponize the government against African Americans. Even today, who can successfully argue against the fact that police departments across the country are weaponized against the African American community? The myth of White supremacy operates and sustains itself by using the legal structure as an enforcer to maintain its power.

History tells us that White men have benefitted from the weaponization of the government, and Trump, a millionaire, who owns a mansion and yacht (ode to Elmer J. Fudd), is no exception. Trump weaponized the government during his term as president. Who can forget how he had the National Guard forcefully clear Pennsylvania Avenue of protesters during the Black Lives Matter protest in 2020 so that he could walk across the street to a church and hold the Bible upside down?

Michael Cohen, onetime Trump attorney, MAGA loyalist, fixer and sycophant, alleges that Trump used a U.S. attorney general to retaliate against him for speaking out. To be clear, Republicans weaponized the U.S. Senate against the American people by failing to vote to impeach the former president and throw him out of office … twice.

When Donald Trump alleges that the government is now being weaponized against him, he is correct. Should he feel some kind of way about it? Perhaps. In principle, the dog that you train to sic on other people is not supposed to turn around and bite its benefactor.

Trump is a wealthy White man born into privilege. History has shown that such men of a certain stature have literally gotten away with murder in this country, and governments, whether local, state or federal, have turned a blind eye to it and built a lake (Reference: Lake Lanier). That is what Trump wanted. That is what he demands. Trump tasted the ultimate seat of power and used that position to do exactly what he accuses the Biden administration of doing to him.

His comrades in the House of Representatives are doing everything they can to save him. But the powers that be in this majority White government of the United States are allowing this drama to play out. Why? Could it be that the intelligentsia of the elite one percent in power in this country believe that Donald J. Trump is dangerous to the overall foundation of American democracy … what’s left of it?

Trump now has 91 charges pending against him. To fully understand that a powerful entity or structure that you have used to your advantage for years has turned against you must feel like crap. Trump played himself, however, and this is the result. Maybe his braggadocios attitude has worn thin. Perhaps his closeness to Russia’s Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and China’s Xi Jinping, all dictators, made some in quiet, elite circles nervous. His “corrupt organization” comprised of “America’s Mayor” Rudy Guiliani, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Sydney Powell, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, and Kenneth Chesebro, to name some of the 19 coconspirators in the Georgia indictment, will be going down with the Trump Titanic too. It would be in their best interests to flip on him and start singing like canaries to District Attorney Willis. Yes. The U.S. government is being weaponized against Donald J. Trump. But in this case, it is warranted on multiple levels.