Even many developing countries with poor records on women’s rights have already elected a woman president. Yet here we are a few days away from potentially electing the first of these in the USA, and the electorate actually seems pained as to whether the most prepared person to ever run for the position, who happens to be a woman, is better qualified than the least.

There are people who don’t like her because of how folks in her campaign used racial allusions toward the Obamas eight years ago. There’s no evidence of her participation, yet she is held accountable. There is a generation of young black people who take offense to the term ‘super- predators’ she used twenty years ago to refer to murderous, young, drug dealing gangbangers. If you aren’t a murdering gangbanger, why would you take offense? There are people who believe she is disqualified because of her husband’s misdeeds. Were she a man, he would not be held accountable for his wife’s.

In recent months a plethora of emails have been disclosed relating to Clinton and her State Department activities or otherwise. None of the questionable emails came from her, and the worst so far promoted having a public and a private position on policy, which most civilized humans do in order to live peacefully in the world.

What has Hillary Clinton done to deserve to be called an untrustworthy liar? The facts are that Republicans wouldn’t fund the Benghazi reinforcements, and that her private server was more secure than the Pentagon’s because they were hacked and she wasn’t.

How are we comfortable comparing this short list of misdeeds primarily perpetrated by people around her with the litany of ills perpetrated by her crotch grabbing, immigrant hating, housing discriminating, disabled person mocking, veteran disrespecting, university faking, contractor non-paying, Russia loving, nuke threatening, tweet storming, blatantly ignorant of policy competitor? These are not the two worst candidates in American history. One is the worst, and the other is the woman. Hopefully the Americans who have not yet voted take all facts into account, and don’t allow this obvious gender bias to cloud their judgement.

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