By Lucius Gantt

People like the Koch Brothers, Mercers, Adelsons and other corporate and business giants that contribute millions and billions of dollars to political campaigns should not have to be in a hurricane to see which way America’s political winds are blowing.

Democratic Party candidates showed out in recent elections and dominated both statewide and local political contests in Virginia, New Jersey and all across the United States.

Democratic Blacks, women, Hispanics and LBGT candidates all beat most of their political opponents like the Florida A&M University drum line beats drums at football game halftime shows!

Why were there so many Democratic victories? For one, the voters overwhelmingly resisted the demonic, divisive, hateful, bigoted, recalcitrant and ridiculous political policies, proposals and views of President Donald Trump!

Voters showed they have no desire at all to be led by a President, a Congress and by local elected officials that suck up to Steve Bannon, to white racists, to white supremacists and to neo-Nazis! The majority of the people turned out to vote for candidates that promised to serve the people!

Now, don’t go to sleep and dream that the recent election victories were orchestrated by Democratic Party officials and their highly paid, highly ineffective and politically stupid political consultants. The political strategy and advice given over and over that Democrats could win races by being more conservative than their Republican opponents was politically ratchet, wacked and doomed to die one election death after another.

The recent Democratic hurricane that swept so many candidates to election victop down, the landslide wins, in most cases, came from the bottom up!

It was the groups that the Democratic Party never helped, never believed in, never encouraged and never funded and financed that shocked the political world and helped so many new and improved Democratic candidates beat numerous incumbent conservative political puppets!

Groups like organizations for women, organizations for the disabled, organizations for Latino voters, LBGT organizations, Black political action (PACs)

organizations, members of Black Lives Matter and other progressive movements were the ones that went out to vote in significant numbers, made phone calls and canvassed their neighborhoods and got their friends and family members to understand why it was so important to vote against every politician with devilish ideas and political actions!

If Democrats want to win in 2018 elections they need to give less money to closet conservative candidates and give more money to their political bases like Black voters and other grass root organizers of all colors and creeds!

It should be obvious the “any Negro” won’t do if you’re looking for people that can influence the masses of voters that often choose not to vote, that can influence people to put down their crack pipes and narcotic needles and go to the polls and can influence young and older people to put down their smart phones long enough to vote for political progress, affordable health care, better jobs and better business opportunities, political and community unity, world peace, equal rights and justice!

If the Democratic Party wants to ride the strong winds of political victories they need to start from and work from the bottom to get back to the top!