“Voting rights advocates and civil rights groups filed the federal challenge shortly after Florida Governor DeSantis signed into law a measure (SB 7066) that requires felons to pay ‘legal financial obligations,’ such as restitution, fines and fees, to be eligible to have their voting rights restored. The plaintiffs in the case allege the state law imposes an unconstitutional ‘poll tax’ and violates a number of other constitutional rights,” says the News Service of Florida.

Many Floridians have forgotten that on the election ballot there was “Amendment 4,” a constitutional amendment approved by more than 64% of Florida voters in 2018. The amendment allowed for most felons to regain their right to vote, but it was extremely vague concerning implementation.

The amendment was left with an open interpretation of the implementation of the law, and the Republicans put a right conservative spin on the execution. To begin with, Republicans want less Americans to vote, because there are more Democrats on the election polls in Florida and across the country.

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans have tried every tactic they can to overturn Amendment 4 and stop returning citizens (felons) from regaining their right to vote. This is the clearest case of voter suppression. More Floridians voted for Amendment 4 than Ron DeSantis and he should stop trying to subvert the will of the voters,” says FDR Chair Terrie Rizzo.

The 2020 election is here and the Florida presidential primary is in March. The Republicans don’t want thousands of new voters who are primary Democrats to vote in the primary and the presidential election. America is at a crossroad and Democracy is being challenged by conservatives and Republicans.

Republicans are no longer interested or concerned with the rule of law. The Republicans want to win, and honesty, integrity and the rule of law are being thrown out the window, and lawlessness is running rampant.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last week, that the House would draw up articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, setting up a historic clash between the two branches of government that could lead to only the third presidential impeachment in history. Our democracy is what is at stake, says Pelosi, D-Calif., because the alleged misconduct involved will interfere with the 2020 election,” explained Bart Jansen – reporter of USA/Today.

There is a “Constitutional Crisis” in America, and the citizens don’t seem to care or everything is too complicated to get engaged or involved. President Trump and his administration have tried to interfere with an American election, which is illegal and corrupt. There has been little action, or a position from blacks and people of color.

Republican President Teddy Roosevelt said that patriotism means to stand by the country, and does not mean to stand by the president or any public official, or party. All over the country, Republicans are breaking laws, obstructing justice, and not following the will of the people. What will Americans do?

In Florida, my home state, the governor, his cabinet, and the Republican legislatures have decided to use voter suppression to keep hundreds of thousands of felons from voting, by running out the clock. By keeping the issue with the implementation of Amendment 4 in the courts, the citizens (felons) will not be able to vote in the election of 2020.

On the federal level, the Republicans in the Senate support President Trump, and corruption and lies are not important to them. As long as the Republican donors keep writing checks, every Republican in the federal legislature can watch their election accounts grow.

There is a Constitutional crisis in America, and the Republicans are playing by their own rules to win. Instead of using the Constitution and the rule of law, corruption and lies are running ramped, and the Republicans are using blinders so they cannot see anything wrong.

Stand up for Truth, stand up for the Constitution, and Democracy will win.