In 2020, President Biden and VicePresident Harris raised over $1 billion in their presidential campaign in the last election. They have raised the most money in any campaign in the history of any elections. Many Democrats are not aware of this phenomenal achievement, and $700 million was raised online.

Many from the Republican Party like to call Biden sleepy, saying he is old and cannot execute, but he and his team have broken all marketing and campaign financial records. For the first time, the campaign secured a joint fundraising agreement (JPA) with all 50 states parties and the District of Columbia. That means the campaign and the Democratic Party can raise more money, and raise it faster.

In the second quarter, from April 2023 to June 2023, the Biden-Harris team raised $72 million, and announced the most cash on hand in the history for the party compared to previous cycles.

Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina says, “These numbers are just incredibly impressive and they’re impressive for two reasons. One is the pace of them – per day, they’re faster than even the Obama 2011 numbers. And two, to your point, there’s real on hand numbers. I mean, they’re spending very little money.”

Many of the political experts are saying that Biden-Harris are running a very smart campaign. At this point, many Democrats woke up to these numbers feeling good about where Joe Biden’s campaign is six months before the Iowa caucus.

“We’ve seen incredible enthusiasm for President Biden and Vice President

Harris agenda – including their commitment to restoring democracy, fighting for more freedoms and growing the economy by growing the middle class. Americans know the stakes in this election – and our broad, diverse coalition powered by grassroots donors is going to send Biden and Harris back to the White House to finish the job,” says Julie Chavez Rodriguez, 2024 Campaign Manager.

Biden-Harris 2024’s email list is the largest for a Democratic presidential candidate, including close to 25 million email subscribers. Biden is not bragging about his systems, he and Harris are doing the work.

Donors contributed from all 50 states and all walks of life, with teachers, nurses, and retirees making up some of the common occupations of donors. New donors since the 2020 campaign contributed 30% of the new donors. Biden is a worker, and since he has announced that he is running for office, he has held 38 fundraisers with assistance from first lady Jill Biden, Vice President Harris, and her husband, Doug Emhoff. The president has also used the presidential plane to travel to the fundraisers, and he has saved money.

As the quarter was nearing its end, some donors expressed concern to reporters that Biden’s numbers would be weak and that his events weren’t well attended. But in the last couple of days $10 million was raised and now everyone is saying what a great job the team is doing. “These numbers are just, you know, they’re undeniable. No one has ever raised more money faster, more diversely than President Biden." So to the doubters, Jeffrey Katzenberg, one of the campaign’s national co-chairs, said that the fundraising "has blockbuster results."

President Biden and Vice President Harris are getting their supporters fired up, and the numbers speak for themselves.