So Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head to head in front of millions and it was a “fiery debate” with Hillary Clinton on constant attack. But Donald Trump ended with reminding the country that although Hillary Clinton had more experience it was “bad” experience.

He attacked her with the fact that she has been doing “all talk, no action” for the 30 years she has been in politics.

So the real question is what can either of them do for black folks? While Hillary kept trying to paint Trump as a racist and accused the nation of systemic racism, he reminded people that she called black men “super predators” and that she started the “birther movement” in 2008 when she was running against then Senator Barack Obama.

It’s amazing to me that when there are black votes seriously needed to be counted toward a win, particularly for a presidential race, every Democratic candidate plays the race card against the Republican candidate. And Hillary kept pushing to so-called bigotry of Donald Trump, which Trump commented that he thought she was extremely “mean” by doing so.

As Hillary kept attacking Trump, I kept waiting for him to strike back hard which he could have done when she attacked him on his support of “stop and frisk.” Trump claimed that “stop and frisk” would help bring down violent crimes (i.e. murder) across the inner cities like it did in N.Y. “Stop and frisk” was one of Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s initiatives.

Hillary claimed that “stop and frisk” had been ruled unconstitutional because it was akin to “racial profiling” and that since it was discontinued under Democratic  Mayor Bill de Blasio, “crime continued to drop, including murders.”

However, Megyn Kelly, from The Kelly File on Fox News showed the FBI NYC Murder Statistics which indicated that in 2014 there were 333 murders, yet in 2015 there were 352 murders. So again Hillary’s information was incorrect. Yet the moderator Lester Holt, from CNN failed to fact check her, but constantly tried to fact check Donald Trump.

It was déjà vu all over again. I remember the 2012 presidential debate between Democratic candidate Barack Hussein

Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The moderator Candy Crowley, also from CNN, not only constantly interrupted Mitt Romney, but also fed Obama information when he didn’t get his answers right. It was so blatant that it was the talk of the town the next few days after the debate.

But we’ve come to expect the media bias from the main stream media and now we see it has spilled over into social media.

That’s why so many of our young people have such a negative and hateful image of Republicans, especially Donald Trump. And people like Mark Cuban have helped perpetuate that image.

I had a conversation with my 20-year old great grandson, who says although he registered when he graduated high school, he has never voted and asks “Why vote?” He says our country is in deep trouble and he can’t bring himself to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Then I had a conversation with a black 40-year old corporate executive who feels almost the same way, but thinks Donald Trump is far, far worse than Hillary Clinton. Sometimes I think I’ve heard it all, and then someone says something that just blows my mind. This lady started off by calling Donald Trump a racist and every- one who supports him is a racist and a bigot. But you ask for evidence and you get none.

And such it was with Hillary Clinton during the debates. She tried to show Donald Trump as a racist, a bigot and a sexist. She wants the voters to vote for her because it would make her the first woman president, like they made Barack Obama the first black president.

But African Americans, just like Anglo Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and Americans from all cultures, men and women alike, should vote for the person who they think will keep them safe and will grow this economy.

Voting for a woman just because she’s a woman makes no more sense than it does to vote for a man just because he’s a black man or a white man. This identity politics must stop.