Although the year is 2015, the hatred of African Americans in the United States is still strong.  It’s so strong that it motivated a young American terrorist Dylan Wolf in South Carolina to kill 9 blacks, in church, during prayer service. After being captured, two South Carolina police officers rewarded Dylan by taking him to Burger King before arriving at the police station.

In Oklahoma, a black suspect was captured by the police and held down on the ground when a volunteer, 73 year old Robert Bates, shot him to death.  Although Bates was charged for killing a black man, an Oklahoma judge sent the volunteer shooter and his family on a vacation to the Bahamas.

In Ohio, a police officer Ray Tensing killed an unarmed black man.  He was charged with murder and although his bail was set at one million dollars, supporters of black murders poured in donations to pay his bail and any other expenses.

These tragedies are part of a national effort to murder and terrorize African Americans.  Police departments all across the country are the number one threat to blacks.  Furthermore, blacks are killed again by prosecutors and grand juries that refuse to indict, and in the rare occasion that they do, racist juries find these killers not guilty. Murder is still murder even when a person wears a police uniform.

Blacks have heard every excuse and some even say that race has nothing to do with it.  It’s so absurd because there are no unarmed whites murdered by the police.  Racial hatred has everything to do with it and the Federal Bureau of Investigations statistics confirm it.

Sadly, African Americans are innately adjusted to terrorism.  Kidnap, rape and murder of black people began in the jungles of Africa way before ISIS which is a brutal sadistic terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria.  Even after slavery, with pride in their Confederate heritage and flag, again like ISIS, blacks are routinely murdered and terrorized still to this day.

In a psychological trick bag much discussion is made about ‘black on black’ crime as the number one threat to African Americans when FBI statistics prove that there is nearly the same exact percentage of ‘white on white’ crime.  Furthermore, some blacks are duped by racism statements like the ‘race card’, ‘race bating’ or ‘race pimp’.  These statements are spewed by people filled with racial hatred designed to stop Americans from seeking equal justice.

African Americans are not seeking to be equal to the white man.  Who is the better man is subjective.  Blacks are seeking equal justice under the law guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

There is a sad lack of leadership on this issue.  Even when anti-equality supporters say that the black man is angry, the truth is the black man is not angry enough.

Every murder of an unarmed black person by the police must be challenged in the courts.  The fight for equal rights under the law is never-ending and justice must be served.

John Dudley is a local model, actor and freelance writer living in Miami Beach.  He may be reached at