Europeans with guns massacred indigenous people they found in what they later named America, and their guns formed, propagated and protected a Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade, begun by Portugal, for 300 years. Guns held African slaves in check while their labor grew America’s plantocracy into one of the world’s greatest riches. Guns reverberated as Americans slaughtered each other over slavery during the Civil War.

Indian wars were a constant until Americans reached their “manifest destiny” and the genocide ended with those Indians that didn’t die concentrated on reservations (penal colonies). America’s Revolutionary War, fought for freedom and democracy against the British Crown occurred while land was stolen from Indians and African slavery thrived in the colonies.

America has almost always been at war. Between the War of 1812, the Civil War and the Spanish American War, mostly poor and near poor Europeans flooded into America’s westward land grab and those quickest with a gun and a true shooter tended to survive and prosper. Various six shooter hand guns and repeater rifles became dominant weapons of death. And the robber barons rose from that debris; and America’s industrial revolution commenced.

A young man that survived World War I and its terrible death trap trenches may have lost his son some twenty-three years later during World War II. And if his son luckily made it back from fighting Hitler or Japan, he could have been recalled to fight in the Korean conflict. If he also had a son after WWII, that son quite possibly was drafted and fought in Vietnam. And now it’s hard to remember when America was not fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There has not been a time in all of American history where guns were not prominent in some way. Radio stories had gun play; movies and television have always featured gun fights. No video game survives long without gun play killings. Both white conservatives and liberals point to places like Chicago with vitriol about black on black gun violence.

When now Vice President Mike Pence was governor of Indiana, he could have stopped the flow of guns to Chicago which is a mere 31 miles from Gary, Indiana, where most guns on Chicago’s streets come from.

However, it is that signature mass gun violence delivered by non-blacks that actually terrifies America, while people, even in remote places of the world wonder about, and some even fear, our national mentality. For mainly white Americans, with unbridled contradictory sincerity, propagate this thing called “democracy” across planet Earth, while they pull stick-ups backed by big guns and bombs on Earth’s people and basically filch their resources.

At over 300 million people, our population represents 4.4 percent of Earth’s more than 7 billion human beings. However, we Americans have between 35 and 50 percent of the world’s firearms that belong just to non-military persons (according to data from the Small Arms Survey based in Geneva, Switzerland). White America’s other great lie is that their horde of guns is defensive, to protect family and property.

America’s “white flight” and propensity to barricade behind gated communities with their guns is based on hate and fear of black people (read “The Nature of Prejudice” by Gordon W. Allport). Gun ranges proliferate throughout many American rural areas, mostly unknown to blacks, where, in some places, it’s been reported that targets represent black people. Weekend war games are a feature of white nationalist and alt-right groups from Maine to San Diego.

White fear of genetic annihilation, as they witness almost overwhelming browning, not only of America’s population but the world’s, is causing them great anxiety. They also fear retribution and a religious sort of “Armageddon.” What we all must know that cannot be stopped from happening, is the final phase of the American Revolution. And with that terrible price to pay, World war III could explode!

Epilogue: There can be no reform because America has inculcated that the gun is our nation’s phallus; a real time expression of awesome power.