What issues will the Republicans run on to defeat Joe Biden? Runaway inflation? Biden has stopped inflation cold. Unemployment? Not really. Biden has unemployment at a historic low. The price of gas at the pump? Nope. Gas prices have remained stable for months. How about the hordes of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border? Nothing there really. Despite Governors DeSantis and Abbot of Texas trying to gin up the issue, there are no caravans of thousands of people moving inexorably towards the border and America is no longer taking children from their mothers never to be reunited. Beyond that, Biden has placed resources at the border to process applicants for asylum effectively.

Okay. So how about that old Republican staple, Democrats are soft on crime issue? But crime seems to remain a factor in our lives no worse or no better no matter who is in the White House. I don’t recall the country’s crime rate falling during the Trump administration. DeSantis has tried to show himself as a hardliner on crime by firing elected state attorneys who don’t agree with him ideologically a move that makes him appear petty and dictatorial.

So, what is left for Republicans to seize as an issue worthy of national concern? Ah, yes. Hunter Biden. Never mind that Jared Kushner got billions from the Saudis practically the day after he left the White House or that House Republicans spent five years trying to tie the president to the shenanigans of his son to no avail. I would be first to admit that Hunter Biden is no role model and maybe Joe should have “taken him to the woodshed” a few times, but Hunter is not running for president of the United States. Oh, how Republicans must pine for a “Hillary’s lost emails” issue upon which to coast into the White House but all they have is that hugely important, threat to national security and international order, Hunter Biden. Good luck Republicans in 2024 If Hunter Biden is your trump card.