barack-obama_1_web.jpgal_calloway_web.jpgI read Al Calloway’s column in the Jan. 12 edition, titled, Resolve for 2012: Re-elect President Barack Obama, and I disagree with his endorsement of President Barack Obama and I will not be voting for him.

I officially changed my party affiliation from Democrat, which I had been all my voting life, to Independent.  I intend to vote for the person who I feel can get the job done.

I am also an African American who voted  for Obama in 2008 and who even gave money and campaigned for him on blogs for hours on end.  I must say he has done some things that were good and other things that I do not agree with. He is soft on immigration and if he wins again he will make the illegals in the U.S.A. citizens without their paying one dime of tax money.

He has what I call a passive-agressive personality. He would love to have more power to do what he wants, not necessarily what is best for the country.

In Miami, my black people almost have to speak Spanish just to get a job. We have incorporated more Cubans here than anybody, along with their racist behavior.  Obama does not really want to enforce the laws on the books but he has been deporting some illegals. 

My black people in Miami are seeing unemployment rates of about 35 to 40 percent in some areas. Obama has received our vote and has not delivered. So why should we vote for a

president who has failed in our eyes? I would rather have Mitt Romney since he is somewhat moderate.  I am a Christian and have always been somewhat conservative but I do believe the poor need help.  Many people want to work but Obama does not have a clue and he is not smart enough to hire someone who looks like us to help him understand how to grow this economy and help the black community. He only cares about re-election.

At this point, I do not see black people getting so excited about Obama. I believe many blacks will stay home if they don't support anyone on the Republican side.

Obama has been elected and has ignored blacks the whole time.  We are invisible to him.  Everyone got mad when Jesse Jackson said, before Obama won, that he needed to stop talking down to blacks but Jesse was telling the truth. Obama has not given us hope and there has been little change.

From the blogs I have been reading lately, Obama has another problem. Many people do not even like him; they just want him out. That includes many whites, who want him gone.  I want him gone too because he has no repect for my black people.

It is sad because we thought we would be riding high. But he used us for our votes and kicked us to the curb. I will be sure to return the favor in November 2012.

Linda Simmons is a Miami resident.

Photo: Barack Obama, left, Al Calloway, right.