Tom Perez who chairs the Democratic National Committee – you may remember him, the former Labor Secretary for president Obama – came into visibility recently saying “when they go low, we vote!” But pray tell me where the Democratic Party has been while white nationalists have taken African Americans back to Jim Crow? In most of America, if you’re black, brown, red or yellow, you catch hell trying to vote!

So while the Perez spiel sounds good, what has the Democratic Party actually done to offset wide spread voter suppression across America? After all, voter suppression didn’t start yesterday; it’s been around since the post-Reconstruction period, when the Supreme Court made certain that the Constitution would not get in the way of Jim Crow.
And now with Kavanaugh on the bench, that founding document will be contorted by white supremacy to bring forth a fascistic ‘new democracy.’

The more immediate question, though, is why people of color saw the voter suppression storm brewing and, apparently, just wished or hoped it wouldn’t land? Why did black churches, civil rights groups and elected officials, educators and Greek letter organizations do nothing individually or collectively to both confront and go around official white nationalism? Why did Latino groups acquiesce, as well? And what if Tom Perez and others would ever smartly bring black and brown America together; can it be done?

Here’s the problem with Latinos: No matter the country or territory they come from, nonAfrican looking Latinos learn very early to discriminate, in every way, against their darker countrymen, women and children. White America respects that white nationalism among Latinos. (Latinos tend to use white as their race on official documents, including passports, even if they are of a brownish complexion.) So, ethnonationalism is the overriding issue.

Andrew Gillum, the black candidate for Florida Governor is driving huge numbers of blacks and others to the polls as head of the Florida Democratic Party ticket, with U. S. Senator Bill Nelson holding fast to his coattails for re-election. However much liberals and most moderates concede the need for huge black voter turnout, they also connive to ensure that the status quo remains in place. That is, up and down the hierarchy of Party power, after Gillum, only positions of vacuous “power” will go to black politicos.

Black power in American political circles, including all political parties, is viewed as a liability because the tinge of white nationalism pervades the entire white American populace. White news organizations sensationalize white nationalist behaviors of the far right, but miss or ignore “normal” everyday white supremacy that rages throughout American culture. Housing and job discrimination, and the unjust legal and educational systems, for example, are huge and in full and constant view.

Is it not true that more white people believe in and or practice white supremacy than those that believe in the rights of man? Take today’s Democratic Party, how hard are they really fighting Trumpism compared to the far right’s battle royal for Trump’s agenda? Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer helps to take care of Israel, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, one of the richest members of Congress, is a plutocrat, a member of the one percent class of really rich Americans.

What leadership are these people providing for average Americans, including most African Americans who form the Democratic Party base? When Trump tried to get the NFL to ban police brutality protests during the National Anthem, Nancy Pelosi did not defend the players (more than 70 percent black in the NFL).

Chuck Schumer had the unmitigated gall to denounce black Rep. Maxine Waters from the Senate floor, because she called on Americans to protest Trump Cabinet officials for supporting the president’s policy of separating undocumented families and placing their children in cages throughout the country, without parents knowing where they are located.

Yeah, when they go low, we need to vote, but we need to do more than just vote. We need to organize ourselves into a citizens group of Americans for a true democracy, in every state and territory. I’m not suggesting a name, just a cause.

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