ENOUGH: Harold Leffall has written a book and is launching a tour to promote self-esteem, especially among the African American community.


Benicia, CA – Harold Leffall, author of “I Am Enough,” empowerment evangelist, businessman, entrepreneur, and public speaker has officially announced countrywide tour dates for individuals looking to boost their personal self-esteem levels.

As someone who has experienced firsthand what it’s like to feel less than “enough,” despite starting and launching two separate successful businesses, Leffall is exploring the hardship of securing formidable self-esteem despite being a minority.

“With research demonstrating that 85 percent of Americans suffer from varying levels of low self-esteem, that statistic is only compounded for the minorities in our country today – trying to pursue confidence while being marginalized on a daily basis,” said Leffall.

“Titles, bank accounts, and degrees can’t counter-balance this mental feeling; it’s something instilled in us at a young age, through parents, society, and our environment.”

Leffall launched two multi-million-dollar businesses, all while struggling with feeling less than “worthy” and less than “enough” during that time period. He appeared in several publications, like Black Enterprise, Best Self Atlanta and Entrepreneur magazines, authoring two books, and traveling the country – continuously doubting himself. Hitting his own personal rock bottom, Leffall sat back and reflected on the roots of his debilitating low self-esteem.

“I learned how to shift my mindset and re-program my brain to be one of positive receptivity,” said Leffall. “Realizing that every single human being is equal, no matter status or public perception, I now understand we all simply have different purposes. That is the underlying principle of my I AM ENOUGH MOVEMENT.”

Leffalls’ new platform includes the annual You Are Enough Empowerment Conference, a Line of “I Am Enough,” products, and his new book: “I am Enough.”

“The goal of my new community is to inform every one of their own personal self-affirmation, helping each and every person to live the life of their dreams,” said Leffall. “Despite marginalization, we can all live life with a supportive self-esteem. The first step is recognizing that we are equals.”

For more information, visit www.YouAreEnoughNow.com.