The holiday season is a great time for serving the community.


Black PR Wire

Giving is a part of living. It’s all about sharing, caring and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. As the holiday season unfolds, it presents an opportunity to touch someone’s heart with a special act of kindness.

Many African American organizations are already making progress in this area and are committed to doing good deeds for those in need. Donating to Black charities is becoming increasingly popular among African Americans.

America’s Charities is an organization that focuses on workplace giving by individuals and their employers to provide services to millions of people in communities nationwide. America’s Charities consists of more than 140 national and local charity groups offering key programs such as “protecting children, promoting health, ensuring civil and human rights and broadening educational opportunities.”

Black PR Wire’s sister company, Women Grow Strong, Inc., also known as WINGS (an acronym for Women in Need Growing Strong) is a not-for-profit women and young adult support group that provides training, counseling, development and discipleship. The overall goal of Women Grow Strong, Inc., is to help develop women’s ability to achieve their goals through educational training, counseling and business development initiatives. Topics ranging from health and fitness to image and business etiquette are addressed through workshops and intensive sessions.

So, whether you donate to America’s Charities, Women Grow Strong, Inc.

or some other charity of your choice, the holidays are a great time to share and give back.