There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that former U.S. president, Donald J. Trump is the most dangerous person in the world, especially to the global elite.

For decades Trump had played around with the idea of running for U.S. president, but most people, myself included, thought it was just another marketing ploy he was using to get free media attention; after all, Trump had become a genius at these types of ploys.

So, when the scuttlebutt on the street began again about his running for president in 2015, people rightfully ignored all the chatter; but this time, he actually filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to put his name in the running on the Republican side.

Once again most people looked at it as a political stunt to increase his branding of the Trump name for business purposes. Again, and rightfully so.

The elites within the Republican Party deemed Trump’s candidacy to be going nowhere. In their view he was all bark and no bite. The elites within the Democrat Party concluded that his candidacy just guaranteed the election of Hillary Clinton to be the first “self-identified” female president.

The global elites were doubled over in hysterical laughter at Trump’s candidacy because in their minds there was nothing that could possibly interfere with their decades-long plans to make Hillary Clinton “their” president. Hilary was their ticket to getting their globalist agenda codified into law throughout the world!

After Reagan’s presidency ended the Cold War in the 1980s, the global elites decided it was time to strike. But, the Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies didn’t quite cooperate with their agenda.

The elder Bush was too seasoned of a politico to be manipulated, Clinton was a political centrist and extremely transactional, the younger Bush was too headstrong; but Obama’s weakness as a person and malleability opened the door ever so slightly with his promotion of the elitist’s radical homosexual agenda.

Everyone in politics knew Hillary Clinton was much more ambitious than her husband Bill ever was – and he was extremely ambitious. Plus, Hillary was, the elites concluded, very controllable because of her ambition and ego.

This is why the global elites put billions and billions of dollars behind the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation after Bill left the White House in 2001. The global elites like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, is promoting his notion of a one world government; George Soros, the billionaire socialist, is investing billions of his wealth to destroy America with his radical socialist agenda with an emphasis on the destruction of the Black male; Larry Fink, chairman & CEO of BlackRock is one of the primary promoters of environment, social and governance (ESG) to destroy capitalism; Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft is the face of big Pharma, especially in Africa with their efforts to force all sorts of medicines on the public with no proper oversight simply to make billions of dollars; Jamie Diamond, CEO of JPMorgan Chase who is one of the biggest unseen forces behind the drumbeat of America’s involvement in Ukraine, they already have the plans drawn to rebuild Ukraine at taxpayers expense that will reap Wall Street billions if not trillions of dollars.

These elites’ ultimate goal is the promotion of their radical liberal agenda globally. Before they can take over the world, they must first weaken America at its very core. Judeo Christian values and the nuclear family (man, woman, and children) are at the core of America’s values. Once America falls, the rest of the world is easy pickings. What do all global elitists have in common? They are all secular humanists, meaning that they don’t believe in God and they believe “man is the measure of all things.”

They have effectively taken God out of the public square in the U.S. and are actively attempting to do the same in the areas of values and morals worldwide. They are speaking “their” truth and being “their” authentic selves! As though truth is relative or subjective. This is the rationale behind their obsessive promotion of the radical homosexual and transsexual agendas, the redefining of the nuclear family, and the continued feminization of the male, especially within the Black community. The male is the protector of the family and the household; if you weaken them, then the takeover of the family will meet no resistance. This is nirvana for the global elites, a bloodless global coup d’état!

So Trump comes along in 2016 and against all odds is elected president of the United States. The global elites were literally in tears; but after the reality of what just happened sank in, it was back to work to high-jack individual liberty and freedom.

Trump immediately reset our relationship with China, Europe, NATO, the United Nations, etc. The globalists were furious. They used these countries and non-government organizations (NGOs) to carry out their radical policy agendas and Trump was a not only a serious impediment to their agenda, but the ultimate threat.

For whatever reasons, they didn’t assassinate Trump like they did the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba; but they unleashed every weapon at their disposal globally to destroy him and prevent him from pursuing the office of U.S. president again.