As I listen in awe at all the nastiness and ugliness in the commentary about President Donald Trump, I remember the same nastiness thrown at President George W. Bush by the same Liberals and Democrats – so much so that those who saw it as disrespectful to Bush coined an appropriate phrase – Bush Derangement Syndrome. Now we have coined the phrase – Trump Derangement Syndrome.

These Liberals and Democrats don’t seem to care that they’re talking about the President of the United States or POTUS, they only care that they’re talking about a Republican – someone who is NOT a Democrat, someone who is NOT as “holy” or as “righteous” as they think they are. I hear them sanctimoniously ask rhetorically how the “religious right” can support someone and vote for someone as “sexually deviant” as Trump is.

They seem to forget about Bill Clinton’s escapades.

These are the same people who in 2012 voted to take the word “God” out of their platform at the Democratic Convention. The same ones who scream about taking the “Ten Commandments” off the walls of Congress, about taking “so help me God” from the oath of office and from the oath in the courtroom, about taking “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, all biblical scriptures from all government buildings, and all crosses from all federal properties, including graveyards.

They even want to take all mention of “God” off our money.

Yet they chastise Trump for being “unholy”? How hypocritical can they be? I used to think they could get no worse as they talked about President Bush. I remember that on January 21, 2001, Daryl Lindsey wrote in how thousands protested Bush’s inauguration, writing “Not since Richard Nixon paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue in 1973 has a presidential inauguration drawn so many protesters” – and then they were protesting the Vietnam War.

For eight years they called George Bush names, like “George Wanker Bush,” or “murderer” and many you can’t repeat in polite company. Like Trump, they swore that George Bush was not elected, but selected. They chanted “Bush cheated” and “Hail to the thief,” etc. They called him a racist and Hitler. They carried around posters with caricatures of him in all sorts of unflattering faces.

Funny, when Obama was elected, Democrats accused all Republicans of being racists, so everything they said about Obama was deemed racist. If they didn’t call him “President Obama” whenever they addressed him, they were racists. People were told to “respect the office” even if they didn’t respect the man.

Even Mitt Romney, a dedicated Mormon, was accused of being a racist just for saying that 40 percent of voters wouldn’t vote for him. Romney became too afraid of saying anything against Obama for fear of being labeled a racist.

Even John McCain, who Democrats hailed as being a hero during his funeral a few days ago, was blasted as a racist just because he ran against Obama in 2008. Then after he challenged Trump and did his infamous “thumbs down” for the “Obama Care” vote, he became the Democrats’ best friend.

Well, we weren’t ready for what was to come after Trump’s inauguration. For instance, Madonna wanted to “blow the White House up.” Several stars openly wanted to assassinate Trump. Everything he says or does is defined as racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic or just plain hateful or nasty or disrespectful. People who accuse him of being disrespectful to others are themselves disrespectful of him. They hate him and they openly say so.

Respect for the office or for the President is no longer protocol as long as Trump is POTUS. And there is a daily and ongoing effort to remove him from office. It is a not-sosilent coup. Democrats and the liberal mainstream media, and even some Republicans who are called the “Never Trumpers” and finally the “Deep State” have determined Trump has to go and they’re not waiting until the next election.

So, they’ve manufactured a bloodless coup to take him down, including taking down those around him, hoping to get them to “flip” on him, giving the “Special Prosecutor”

enough evidence, real or imagined, to impeach him or put him in jail. They are ruining lives and reputations trying to build a case of so-called “collusion” between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to “take over the United States of America” by Russians.

After an “investigation” lasting over a year, they have found no evidence that Putin “colluded” with Trump’s people so Trump could win the 2016 election which Democrats wanted Hillary Clinton to win. They don’t care who they hurt or destroy in their quest to get this man out of office.

They have even used the FBI to raid Trump’s attorney’s home and office. That should frighten everybody who may need or have needed a lawyer. They have destroyed the “attorney-client privilege” as well as “respect for the office”.

If they can do it to the man who holds the highest office in the land, what do you think they can do to you? Our criminal justice system has been turned upside down just to get one man out of office. Regardless of how you feel about Trump, love him or hate him, that’s a sobering thought.