A wharf rat is a large rat that is commonly found on wharves. These kinds of rats often sustain themselves by pilfering from warehouses near the seaside or from ships.

When the rats board a ship, they don’t all line up like they were following the Pied Piper and get on board all at once. The rats come aboard one by one and if the ship begins to sink, the rats jump off one by one! Well, the first rat jumped off the White House ship recently when Michael Flynn resigned as President Donald Trump’s selection as National Security Advisor.

His departure came just after reports surfaced that the Justice Department warned the Trump administration last month that Flynn misled administration officials regarding his communications with the Russian ambassador to the

United States about sanctions placed on Russia by former President Barack Obama for interfering in US elections.

Reports suggest because of his lies Flynn was hence compromised and was potentially vulnerable for blackmail if Russia leaked the truth about his communications.

OK. Did National Security Advisor Flynn just run his own mouth on his own? I think not.

Or, did other members of the President’s staff that love Russia so much know what deals were proposed or cut with the Soviets that Americans were never supposed to find out about?

You tell me, what did President Donald Trump know about back draft discussions with Russians and when did he know what he knew? We all know the cover up is worse than the crime.

Will the Republican Congressional Representatives and Senators that represent you in Washington stand up and speak out about treasonous activities by high ranking officials? Will they start singing like Garth Brooks and Adele or will they be as quiet as a wharf mouse?

You know, when the rats jump off the sinking ship some rats drown and some rats survive.

Will Republicans like John McCain or Lindsey Graham seek the truth about Trump trickeration or will they rubber stamp any and all high crimes and misdemeanors?

Time will tell!

What we know for sure is that rats run in packs.

We also know that American citizens want and need to know the truth about any and all nasty, filthy, slimy and degenerate rats that occupy government positions at the highest levels!

Throw the good rats jumping off the White House ship a proverbial life jacket and let the lying rats drown or be impeached.

Smart people don’t have to be in a Presidential hurricane to tell which way the political wind is blowing! Contact Lucius at