Inside Trump’s confused mind, he actually believes he won the first 2016 presidential debate against Hilary Clinton. This statement would appear illusionary, but when Trump thinks a lie is the truth, and facts are fabrications of myths and stories, his thinking is disingenuous. When Trump says he will “Make America Great Again,” it is really a code which means he will “Make America White Again.”

On Monday night, Trump’s performance was terrible, but he told Fox News that he got hostile questions from the moderator, and his microphone was not working properly. His lack of formal preparation was clearly displayed, yet he refuses to study because he thinks he already knows, and he is smarter than everyone else. At any moment, he looked as if he was going to pass out, so he kept drinking water, and sniffing profusely.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC says Clinton won the debate on points; Clinton 5 and Trump 0, which is extremely embarrassing when some 84 million Americans are watching the performance on television. The bar was set extremely low for Trump. Experts expected him to speak in complete sentences, and answer questions asked.

It was obvious Trump was not able to speak in complete sentences because he interrupted Clinton over 50 times, and when he did attempt to answer a question, many didn’t know what he was talking about. But the Republicans can use as an excuse that Clinton is polished, and has been doing this for 30 years, and Trump is a political novice. As a political novice, people expected Trump to not have a great command of the issues, but many Americans did not expect him to prove to the world that he was clueless.

NBC’s Lester Holt, the moderator, is Black understands the significance of his moment in the political history of America. He had an impossible job, and never lost complete control of the debate, although there were times he could have stepped in sooner.

The Trump team has accused Mr. Holt of unfair questions, but at the end of the debate, Mr. Trump said to CNN that the moderator did a good job. According to political experts, Mr. Holt did the job he was asked to do, and he did it well.

No one can charge the moderator of using the race card since he is black, but the moderator challenged both candidates on their position on race in 2016. Hillary understands systemic racism and the wonderful diversity among African Americans and confidently presented her case for our vote.

Many blacks forget that Bill Clinton hired the largest number of blacks in managerial positions in the federal government during his administration. Mrs. Clinton has worked with blacks for 25 years, and the current chairperson of the Democratic Party is a black woman named Donna Brazile.

On the other hand, Trump struggled with Holt’s questions on race, and he was not able to answer why he was adamant about saying that President Obama was not born in America. He argued with the moderator about the policy of ‘stop-and- frisk’ being unconstitutional in New York because it has largely singled out blacks and Hispanic men. Any policy that discriminates against blacks and Hispanics is the wrong policy to support if one is seeking the black and minority vote.

Again, it is obvious that Trump is on the wrong side of history, and Clinton reminded viewers that the Justice Department sued Trump’s company for racial discrimination, because his company would not rent apartments to blacks and Hispanics.

“Make America White Again” is the real reason Trump is running for the office of President of the United States, and it’s evident in his rallies, and his answers at the debate. In order for Trump to win the 2016 presidential election, he must secure 65 percent of the white vote. While anything is possible in the 2016 election cycle, blacks and minorities must get excited, and vote for Hillary Clinton.