You must provide your children and grandchildren with the truth about America’s so-called “founding fathers.” It is critical that Americans of African descent, especially, know George Washington owned more than 300 African slaves and that he was particularly brutal to them.

Many other “founders” and presidents of the USA were also slave owners or otherwise involved in the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade. They also roiled the white settler population to dispose of indigenous people, thus the near genocide of American Indians.

By the 1700s British colonialism controlled Sierra Leone in West Africa and a “slave factory” was set-up on Bunce Island in the Sierra Leone River. That’s where the British supplied African slaves to America, especially to Charleston, South Carolina and Georgia.

What is also not generally known is that northern states were intricately involved in the slave trade. American slave ships that brought Africans from Bunce Island came from Newport, Rhode Island, New London, Connecticut, Salem, Massachusetts and New York. And just like President Washington, many other northerners owned large numbers of slaves.

America’s “founding values” were African slavery and theft of Africa’s other riches, mass murder, rape, brutality, democracy and the rule of law (for white people only), a truncated Judeo-Christian ethic and capitalism (also for white only – the Anglo-Saxon a priori).

To distill success of the industrial revolution for Europe and North America resulting from slavery and colonialism, white scientists and medical doctors developed lies, half truths and glittering generalities about black people and the Earth’s other non-white people.

In the 18th and 19th centuries these scholars turned archeological, anthropological, medical scientific data and history into a twisted, pseudo scientific trick that became known as ‘white supremacy.’ White and non-white populations were indoctrinated with these “facts” of white superiority and the greater inferiority of African people, and, to a lesser degree, people of Asian origin.

With impending manumission there would be no need to continue breeding slaves. In fact, the system called eugenics had to be turned on its head to curtail black populations and promote a marked increase in the best of white genealogy. White supremacy is a lie! White nationalism is a true, world wide, Eurocentric social, political and economic system.

The culture of slavery, colonialism and Emancipation’s aftermath successfully ingrained both a sense of inferiority and self hate among black people everywhere, prompting black-on-black crime. What today’s world focuses on, though, is the continuing brutality and killing of blacks by white people, especially the proliferation of incidents involving white police officers across the USA.

What the world outside of the Anglo-Saxon a priori understands is that there is no correlation between what America and its European allies promote as democracy — especially to non-white nations — and the fascistic white nationalism that actually prevails.

Non-white nations tend to be coy with America and Europe and play along to get much needed aid as they struggle to recover from colonialism and try to stave off the most damaging elements of neo-colonialism. The deals are costly for them, but because these nations need everything, they stay in the arena, hoping for a better day.

Then, too, the lure of corruption looms large and works its magic like the serpent in the Garden of Eden got to Adam. But white supremacy is the ultimate enemy within because, like Adolf Hitler’s dream of conquering the world, today’s white nationalists or, rather, neo-white nationalists are also delusional. One certainty is this: The world will not stay the way it is.

Throughout the entire history of mankind men have continually come forth and acquired vast amounts of riches and power, but nowhere in that history can be found those who sustained the use of power. And so even mighty Egypt fell, as did Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, and all the other great and not so great civilizations and societies.

White supremacy is a cancer that is killing the youthful body called America; petering out long before it can grow into maturity.

 Al Calloway is a longtime journalist who began his career with the Atlanta Inquirer during the early 1960s civil rights struggle. He is writing a book of essays. He may be reached at