A good shepherd takes care of his flock. The shepherd can lead his flock to a better pasture. He can feed his sheep. He can protect his sheep. He can heal his sheep when they are hurt or injured.

If black political and community leaders can be considered as our shepherds, they are literally feeding us to the wolves.

Many African Americans want political and community leaders that can hoot and holler. Some Blacks will follow you, finance you and front for you as long as you sound good.

You don’t have to say anything that is worthwhile. All you have to do is be a good speaker and you can draw a crowd.

Other African Americans want leaders that are chosen by people that are not African American. They want the political party to choose black leaders. They want the money changers and beast bankers to choose black leaders. They will even allow the biased and corrupt media moguls to pick, choose and designate the so-called leaders of black people living in the United States.

Well, the so-called leaders continue to make you believe black people and black communities are doing better and better and far better than our people were doing before.

I say you have been tricked, you have been punked, you have been jacked, bamboozled and misled into thinking that you are in social Heaven when you are really in a societal hell.

Let me explain. The United States is a capitalist country and in a capitalist country, capital is the primary motivating factor.

You need money to buy, or rent, a house for shelter. You need money to buy a car for transportation. You need tuition money to finance an education. You need money to get the best health care or medical treatment. You need money to get married. You need money to get buried. You even need money to pay for your children’s lunches at school cafeteria time.

None of your so-called black political or community leaders have put forth a solid plan to employ black people, to build competitive black businesses, to create black banks and financial institutions or to foster and participate in international trade!

So what do we do to get money in a capitalist system? Our leaders suggest that we beg. They think we should depend on government handouts and assistance than do things for ourselves.

In movies and in music they glorify people they believe have money like pimps, hos, dope dealers, pick pockets, peddlers and panhandlers.

When I wrote it before, you didn’t read it, you didn’t agree with it or perhaps you didn’t believe it, but there is a new generation of black men and women.

This new generation doesn’t want to hear speakers that talk loud and say nothing, they don’t want to follow political puppets that are slow to sponsor and pass bills for black reparations and true Black participation in government purchasing transactions. They are afraid to call things black but are eager to use devil descriptions like,”urban,” “inner city,” “diverse,” and “disadvantaged.”

So called black political leaders don’t know the difference between a symbolic piece of legislation and a substantive piece of legislation and that is why they want a party, a parade and a plaque for supporting a symbolic holiday or a street name change.

Yes, the black political and community leaders that you love are masquerading as black shepherds feeding you, the Black sheep, to the wolves.

I’m not going to call any names but look at who you are following. Is your life any different? Yes it is. It is worse.

Your leaders aren’t leading you down the path of righteousness. They are leading you to the dope house, the poor house and the whore house.

Follow the woman or man that has a plan to make our lives better, make our pockets fatter and make our minds clearer.

Instead of Black Lives Matter, Black lives should get madder.

We don’t want a leader that is perfect. We want leaders that are perfect for us. Leaders that can deliver. Leaders that are more successful than unsuccessful. We want leaders that know how to generate Black wealth in a capitalist society.

Lucius Gant may be reached at