CONTROVERSY SELLS: ‘Fire and Fury,’ which shines a light on the Trump administration, is selling at a furious pace.



AP National Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” sold more than 190,000 hardcover copies last week, the book’s first full week of publication, a company which tracks the retail market told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

In less than two weeks since its release, combined ebook, audio and hardcover sales now top 500,000 for Wolff’s sensational account of a dysfunctional Trump administration.

NPD BookScan, which compiles about 85 percent of hardcover and paperback sales, told the AP that about 220,000 hardcover copies have sold in all. That number is expected to go much higher. The book caught on with so many people that publisher Henry Holt and Co. has struggled to keep copies available., where “Fire and Fury” has been No. 1 throughout its publication, is advising customers that shipments may take 2-4 weeks. NPD BookScan does not register a sale until the book has actually been sent.

Meanwhile, “Fire and Fury” also has been a hit in other formats. Last week, CEO John Sargent of Holt parent company Macmillan told the AP that “Fire and Fury” had sold more 250,000 copies as an e-book and more than 100,000 in audio. More than 1 million hardcover copies are in print.

“Fire and Fury” is among the fastest selling nonfiction books in recent years, likely helped by President Donald Trump’s denunciations and threats to sue. It also was last week’s dominant seller. According to BookScan, no other release even reached 30,000 copies.