Photos Left to Right: Jessica and Jamar Myers are expecting their first child, Mason. Photo Courtesy of Korey Davis; Denise Athis and her daughter Jaina are in love with each other. Photo courtesy of Aja Grant.; and South Florida Times Editor Isheka Harrison (left) and her mother Sherolyn Harmon at her 30th Birthday Party. Photo Courtesy of Horace Roberts.


When God created me

He chose your womb to form me in

And I finally know now,

What He already knew then;

That no matter what life would bring

Or how difficult the strife

You would shield me with the utmost care

And protect me with your life.

You are beautiful. You are brave.

You have overcome the world;

And even though I’m grown up now

You’ll always be my favorite girl.

You’re my biggest fan, you always brag

About how great I turned out.

But the truth be told

It’s really you who deserves all the clout.

All the lessons taught, morals instilled

And love you freely give.

I would not be me, no not at all,

If God’s wisdom hadn’t placed you here;

As my personal guide,

My first mentor to shape, to mold, to teach;

You would guard the walls around my heart

And repair any breach.

You would run this race right by my side

Be my coach and confidante and instill pride.

You’re the one I call on when I don’t know what to say or do

Your listening ear and sage advice always help me get through.

Mommy I appreciate you now more than I ever have before

Because as a mature adult, I understand things so much more.

I understand the fact that it takes true love and unending sacrifice

To be the kind of mother you are; one that really raised me right

I understand the pride you feel when you call me your mini-me

But most of all I understand the reason God chose YOU to be my Mommy.

He knew before the start of time YOU were the perfect one to trust me with

That’s why I celebrate and praise the Lord for being truly infinite

Because like I said, I finally know now,

What the Sovereign Monarch of the Universe knew then.

He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’d need YOU

First as my Mother and Forever as my friend.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an edited and updated version of an original poem written and published in 2011 for Sherolyn Harmon, South Florida Times Editor Isheka N. Harrison’s mother.