A new day in sports is here: College Football Playoff.

Whether you like the system or not, it is here to stay. The computers have been replaced by a committee of 13. The crystal football with a gleaming pillar. No longer will there be the dreaded third-place finish; instead an even more bitter fifth place finish.

So who plays?

The top four teams in the country as selected by the new selection committee will play. In the semifinal games, the winners faceoff later in the College Football Championship Game.

The committee will rank the nation’s top 25 teams every Tuesday after the ninth week of the season. The rankings will be based on the win-lose record, strength of schedule, head to head results, results against common opponents, opponents’ records, as well as video analysis, statistical rankings and the ever-popular committee members’ “expertise.” They will not use any information from the old system. They will rely solely on good, old human judgment.

Why is all this happening? Because we asked for it. And we deserve it.