The 2012 edition of the Florida Black Marketing Guide has been published and is available for immediate use. This 40-page booklet was developed to provide consumers with tips and industry standards for effective marketing.  In addition, it provides a comprehensive list of the black media in Florida and lists the state’s Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 

The guide was written and published by Sonshine Communications, an award-winning, national public relations, marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Miami.

“We developed this guide as a direct request from our clients and consumers throughout the state,” said Bernadette Morris, CEO of Sonshine and publisher of the guide.  “It provides how-to support, help and facts on PR, marketing and ad services and shares insight and trade tips that will help take an operation to the next level.”

The guide is available at a special cost of $25 through Jan. 31 and then at the regular price of $35.  To order a copy, call 305-948-8063 or email