robert_niblock_web.jpgMIAMI — The Miami-Dade Community Relations Board (CRB) has reached out to Lowe’s Chairman and CEO Robert Niblock after the company pulled its advertising from the TLC reality show All-American Muslim, which depicts the lives of Muslim-American families living in Michigan.

The national hardware chain reportedly canceled its advertising for the show in mid-December after receiving complaints about their decision to advertise during a show featuring Muslims.

The CRB joined with other local and national civil rights organizations in encouraging Lowe’s to support intergroup tolerance.

In a letter to Niblock, CRB Chairman Dr. Walter T. Richardson expressed the board’s disappointment over Lowe’s reaction, stating no group should be singled out for hatred, prejudice or blame based on his or her religion, ethnicity or race.

The CRB board members, he wrote, “express to you and the Lowe’s Companies Board of Directors our deep disappointment over the recent decision to withdraw avertising from The Learning Channel (TLC) series All-American Muslim because you received complaints from some who advocate for prejudice and intolerance.

“At this time of heightened anxiety over international conflict and terrorists’ threats, responsible citizens must demonstrate their commitment to our nation’s core values of equality and mutual respect,” Richardson wrote. “No one should be singled out for hatred, prejudice or blame based on his or her ethnic origin, nationality or religion.”

Noting that the Community Relations Board is dedicated to fostering understanding, tolerance, and respect among all economic, social, religious, and ethnic groups in Miami-Dade County, the CRB asked Niblock and Lowe’s to take a stand against prejudice and join the board in its efforts to bring together diverse populations.

Photo: Robert Niblock