FORT LAUDERDALE — A Fort Lauderdale Police K-9 officer is under investigation over suspicion that military reserve duty orders he submitted may have been altered.

An Internal Affairs memo named the officer as David McElligott.

The memo, issued by police Capt. Michael G. Gregory to city staff on Sept. 22, added, “This employee is not permitted inside any Police Department facility unless escorted by a manager.”

McElligott, 47, a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, is currently stationed at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Ga. He was called up for duty shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and has not returned to his police work since then. He has been receiving a portion of his city salary since that time.

“They have my orders and I am aware of the investigation,” McElligott said when contacted at Robins Air Force Base this week. “I guess one of the things the new city manager is doing is going through and reviewing everyone who is on any sort leave.”

City officials did not respond to questions from South Florida Times about McElligott, but sources said investigators are seeking to determine whether the orders he has submitted over the past decade are counterfeit or were altered.

The probe centers on whether McElligott volunteered for reserve duty but sent the city military orders claiming he was ordered to duty and his service had been extended. If he did volunteer, he may not have been entitled to his supplemental city salary or his job.

“That’s very unusual,” said Jim Miller, an Air Force Reserve spokesman at Robins Air Force Base. “But it depends on what he was called up for.”

Miller said he would try to obtain additional information to clarify the matter, but later said it was under investigation and therefore he could not comment.

During his interview with the South Florida Times, McElligott said he had done nothing improper and that he didn’t expect to return to his city job any time soon.

“My orders are still not up for another two years, so I won’t return until at least that time,” McElligott said.


**Pictured above is Fort Lauderdale K-9 Officer David M. McElligott