letter-to-the-editor_web.jpgThe Lucius Gantt report titled Obama’s healthcare victory is not enough, in your July 5 edition, is true. Not everyone is happy with the Obama “don’t care” health plan.

President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is not the best way to solve America’s debt for healthcare of its indigent citizens. Obama’s plan should have allowed Americans an opportunity to buy into Medicaid based on their income, to keep medical dollars flowing into the Medicaid system rather than insurance companies’ pockets.

People do have the option of paying the tax instead of buying private healthcare insurance. What are people going to do when the IRS police that Obama will send comes knocking on their doors, especially in black communities where they often are targeted by police.

With no option to buy into Medicaid based on income, blacks could be in for trouble from Obama’s plan, just like the poor whites who helped put him in office.

In addition, multibillions of America’s tax dollars are spent by Congress on non-citizens.

This is a violation of the Constitution. Through Congress, America has become a country where people come from all over the world for the free cash flow that is given. Often the cash flow goes on for years. That is a major cause of America’s inability to pay its Medicaid costs.

It is time for responsible persons to present these pleadings to the Supreme Court so that a final determination can be made based on the constitutional writing, just like they did for Obama.

There are several clauses to be presented that will end America’s indebtedness to everyone who crosses the border for the free cash flow.

Christine Timmon
Fort Lauderdale