LIBERTY CITY — A day after an evening drive-by shooting that left three girls injured, the streets were deserted, the crime scene tape gone, the evidence cleared, only leaving behind  people who are scared to walk the streets of their neighborhood.

That was the scene at Northwest 13th Avenue and 65th Street, where local 10 news reporter Glenna Milberg and her news crew were waiting for police or neighbors to give clues on why Deshareah Wright,10, was shot in the arm and two other girls, 18-year-old Jaquelyn Powell and an unidentified girl, were grazed by bullets.

“I just got here but no one is talking,” said Milberg after arriving on the scene of the shooting.

Those who would talk gave neither names nor addresses to reporters directly.

“I’m scared to walk my own streets at night; I hope they catch them guys,” said the unknown man of the drive-by shooting and crimes in Liberty City.

A young female walking with a little girl cautiously across the street yelled, “We don’t know anything.” 

Right behind her was an old woman in her backyard, who looked up and down while she watered her plants softly yelling, “Kids, why would you shoot at kids; they need to grow up too.”

Police still have no leads on the identity of the shooter. An act of revenge is what people and police say they believe motivated the shooting. They were shot by a friend who returned with a weapon after a fight, according to