taylor-feud_web.jpgMIAMI GARDENS – It has taken more than a year but a Miami Gardens family will finally be on the national stage when they are featured Monday in an episode of the syndicated game show Family Feud.

The extended Taylor family’s journey to the spotlight began in October 2012, when they turned up at an audition at Gulfstream Casino in Hollywood.

“They quickly shipped us up to the third floor and told us we made it,” Bridget Taylor, the team’s captain, recalled Tuesday. “They thought we were exciting and showed a lot of enthusiasm, which they were looking for.”

In February, they received a postcard inviting them to the full audition in Atlanta, where the show, hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, is based. There they competed against several other families

and made the cut. The show in which they are featured was taped in May and will air on WTVJ-4 at 2 p.m. Monday. Neither Family Feud nor Taylor was willing to say who won, so as not to give away the ending.

“It was an overwhelming experience,” Taylor said. “We were having so much fun. It wasn’t a matter of winning or losing. We bonded with the different families and met Steve Harvey and the other people of the show. It was a wonderfully experience.”
The grand prize is $100,000.

Besides Taylor, 46, a postal service employee, the team included her mother Mary Taylor, 68, a retiree; maternal aunt Linda Royster, who is in her 60s and is also retired; nephew Andrew Rollins, 29, an exceptional education teacher; and niece Ya’nette Hunter McGann, 33, a Juvenile Justice System teacher.