Happy Mother's Day to all my reader moms:

In Honor of Mother's Day, Life & Lessons!

"Mother, May I": Remember that old game? Everyone would  line up & ask the officiant if they could move forward towards their goal? or simply win? Well, I officially give you permission to "Move Forward" this May.  

Forward- to help onward; promote.  

Fashion: April showers brings May Flowers….but fashion moves forward.

  Fall's houndstooth (mixes fall's pattern with spring's ruffle…always infuse individuality)

During May, you will see all the famous yet trendy pieces on sale which makes it a great time for the fashionably frugal to shop! These sales are on past must-haves! They'll be Mother's Day sales to your semi-seasonal sales. All fugal fashionistas can stack these sales with your coupons and have a stocking spree! Its a time to shop on a dime and save yourself from a long Ross line & your precious time. These things are usually spring's sale pieces and while they are still "trending"……Move forward….to fall's fashions.  

 Chanel mixies a pearl  with a stunning skirt & swimsuit

Smart Shoppers: Summer is sudden but simply the same, so stock up on this fall's items while semi-annual sales are still sounding! Fall in love with a pearl or plaid (houndstooth)!  Move onto colors that are subconsciously sad. Pop them with a pearl to make it rad or "bad" but stay away from the hideous, they're most definitely a fad! 

NOTE: Play with your pretty with a plethora of pearl! Pair any of this summer or fall's fashions with a pearl necklace, purse, fur or poncho (fall)!!! And you're officially Paparazzi Prepared!  

Faith: "May" I Overhaul Your Halt!

Ever hit a halt (roadblock)? Or baffled by the progression of your own life (showers of blessing)? How about, you just don't know (lost)? Seasons in life change and so does our acceptance of them all! There is a base mentality that GOD tells us to adopt. Contentment in all things BUT NOT stagnation (no onward movement). This simply means appreciate & cultivate (stewardship) before you can acquire more (Matt 25:23). He also says there's a over abundance of good things that will over take you (moving into a land of more than enough (Joshua 24:13, Ex. 6:8, Deu. 6:10-11;), moving with an abounding grace (Rom. 5:20)), passing onward to inherit mansions and walk forward on streets of pure/unimaginable gold (Rev. 21:21), favor surrounding you like a shield  (Ps. 5:12), etc) even during a hardship. These hardships do and will change! Take Joseph for example…..  

Joseph was the poster child for forward movement during hardship (thrown in a pit by family, wrongfully beaten, lied on, etc) all while being promoted. He interpreted a dream for the king of Egypt of a season of more than enough and a season of drought (not suffering, just not materially producing). Surely, the drought didn't harm them but help them (as does ours)! See, their previous more than enough season that was stored was an abundance that lead to more abundance! Many came from other countries to buy from Joseph's well-to-do country.  Lack, lost and loneliness has it perks..they promote you so MOVE FORWARD simply because its too painful to bear or to eagerly see what "expected end" GOD is giving you!    

Freebie: Forward Marching!

My pastor spoke on the "unspoken hero: Joseph" who was despised & rejected but ultimately (and miraculously) promoted. His story resembles my unspoken hero's life, Costell Walton III. Like Joseph's rejection & hurt but promoted, my husband was promoted….no, not just his educational or career promotion he got on his current job/the fancy title but the one obtained when he put on the "Jesus jersey". See, Costell was baptised Easter Sunday and ever since then he's been unstoppable..literally! He's even healed the sick (#proudwife)!! This unspoken humble hero (who wears the Jesus jersey) reinforced to Satan that GOD has made ALL THINGS NEW with him. My husband talks differently, thinks differently and leads our family prosperously different!  

Without a doubt, he attributes this professional and personal promotion to GOD & his unyielding grace but I attribute the forward motion of our family to him and his submission to GOD. My unspoken hero, my husband, has moved us fiscally, favorably and fashionably forward and I have entrusted my life to you, my king because you have made all things new in my life and I will always praise you & follow you forward!