Lighten it Up this Spring Season by adding a hint of hue  

Faith: Message from GOD to help you "lighten your (burden) load"

I am the One

Yes, I created the whole universe

Greater than anything in heaven and in all the earth

 Its my air you breathe

So im the one that you should please

And I am the one you need

Why should you be alone?  

I am that I am

Im all that you need

I can, yes I can

No it aint too hard for me
Do you know, really know?

 Do you really believe?
Everyday. Every night, of your life…….I am.  

It hurts my heart, indeed

To see those whom I love in me 

Knowing all, I wonder why they never call on me?

If you just ask then I can satisfy you with good things

I'll give you everything, YES you can have it all!  

I tell the sun to rise, the wind to blow. the rain to fall 

I move the mountains and the oceans, rivers, great & small.

Yes everything I made, I want to hear them give me praise

Especially you, my children, each and everyday.  

………….so lighten up! Designate it ALL to the one who desires to make your dreams your reality so you to can live life as "light" as a feather.  

Fashion: "Lighten up" this New Year's spring and Last Year's Look

Spring is commonly about florals & corals….color cues and concepts but alot of us fell into the winter wowings of the faux leathers, red lips and cobalt blues….and thats great because black (and white) are the new twist to the trend.  Im here to help you lighten it up this spring while keeping it fashionable & fresh with a few of MY favorite colors and concepts.   


Day: Color-Dazzle up your street style with a yielding yellow. How to "make it work"/wear: Take all the cobalt blues, bold blacks (better known as "monochrome") in your closet from last year's winter and #PaparazziPrepare it with a hint of color, preferably yellow! This way you can update your wardrobe without having to downsize your wallet and still rock your recent retail finds…..dont move black to the back (of your closet), designers are keeping it on the rack!! See the photos below.

Concept-Shopping your Shape/accessorizing/"making it work"/riuffle a few feathers How to "make it work"/wear: Yellow is best worn as an accent/ focal point color…it does not need a competing bright color, need to be an entire ensemble outfit. It says enough just as one piece.

Note: If you are what some would call "top heavy" or triangular shaped…this color is best worn in a flowing/maxy style, pocketed pants or on your bottom as it will help to distract the eye from your ample top  or if you want to wear it as a shirt do so with a peplum or empire waist top. *It's a great accessory for every body shape (it updates without actually having to profile in it or if you are new to bold color, i.e a yellow silk scarf). If you are still stuck on your red lip & want to keep it….add a floral or a pink and you are #PaparazziPrepared.


Freebie: I had to lighten Up

I was watching the inauguration like every other U.S citizen during the Martin Luther King Weekend and was sadly disappointed! Not because our Preisdent was re-elected or because Beyonce lip sung but becasue of our FLOTUS' ball gown. While I admire her, I wanted to see her in a fitted, more glammed up look (even if the more embllished part would have been a brooch or necklace, i.e. her style) after all, she has a beautiful figure, a team of stylists and tons of designers dreaming of dressing her!! But I had to tell myself to "lighten up", today wasn't about her dress though its hard for me to ignore the frenzy and folks fashion :-).  

Like many of you, I have to lighten up my threads to add a little "trend" to my style this spring because I LOVE BLACK!! Black dresses, tops, jeans, etc…but im glad that I dont have to "ignore" my fashion identity since style is an individual expression but I am glad that it is trending this season. So, I'll #PaparazziPrepare myslef  in some yellows and patterns added to my "drama queen" dramatic style. This easy transition will "lighten up" my already feathery life  & style.