michael_ray_web.jpgSatan has used atheism, evolutionism and secularism in an attempt to diminish belief in the Holy Scriptures.  Now he is using the homosexual rights movement to do the same, for it directly challenges the Bible’s fundamental view of sexuality.

President Barack Obama recently announced his support of gay “marriage.”    Let me be blunt.  This is an act of spiritual treason.  It is so egregious that it’s not a mere falling away but an act of defiance against God.  As a professed Christian, Obama is to be an “ambassador for Christ” but his actions indicate he is speaking for the Devil (2 Cor. 5:20).

God says homosexuality is immoral; Obama says it’s not.  God says marriage is between a male and a female; Obama says it’s not. God says to help others avoid the sin of homosexuality; Obama encourages others to commit the sin and labels those who obey the Bible as “homophobic.” Do you remember his 2008 repudiation of gospel singer Donnie McClurkin?

Like Satan, the “father of the lie” (John 8:44), Obama lied.  In 1996, as a state Senate candidate, he answered a questionnaire for a Chicago gay newspaper, stating, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriage and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

However, during his 2004 candidacy for the U.S. Senate, he insisted he was against gay marriage because of his Christian beliefs:  “I’m a Christian.  I do believe that tradition and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and woman.”  

So he was for it, then against it, and now he is for it again.  It’s obvious he was for it all along —and used Christianity to dupe the masses.

When Satan tried to tempt Jesus, do you remember what he did?  He quoted biblical passages but misapplied them, twisting their meaning in an attempt to get Jesus to commit a sin.  Jesus refuted him.   It was a monumental exchange.  Obama slyly emulated Satan during his May 9 announcement that he supports same-sex marriage.

Notice how he distorts the words of Jesus to justify his support of gay marriage: “We are both practicing Christians…when we think about our faith…not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

Excuse me?  I’m sorry, but does anyone really believe when the Son of God uttered those words in the Sermon on the Mount, he was supporting homosexual marriage? Satan would be proud.

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” Jesus affirmed (Matt. 12:34).

The actions of Obama reveal what is in his heart, what he really believes. This is a man who also thinks it’s okay to kill unborn babies.  In short, he doesn’t believe in the Bible or Jesus.  He is a false Christian.

To be sure, the media will continue to trot out other false Christians who support gay “marriage,” in addition to so-called civil rights groups.  But authentic Christians are neither intimidated nor hoodwinked. 

Nor are we silent.

Michael Ray, a Broward resident, has been a practicing Christian for 24 years.

Photo: Michael Ray