barbarahowardweb.gifThe pitiful hypocrisy of liberals is so transparent, it’s pathetic. It’s also immoral, unethical and just downright dumb.

Every day for eight years, liberals called President Bush a liar.  Even though he operated on the same terrorist intelligence that President Clinton had, they accused Bush of manipulating intelligence in order to create an unjust, immoral and unethical war for oil.  There were even posters made that said, “Bush lied, people died.”
Even little black children parroted their parents in spouting what became the mantra of the left.

But when Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina called Obama a liar, liberals were visibly shocked, and even called for Wilson to resign. 

Let’s get past the point that this was the first time in history that a congressman has called a sitting president a liar in front of the joint session of Congress.  The Democrats called Bush a liar everywhere else but in front of the joint session of Congress.  While both instances were clearly disrespectful, the only difference I see is that this time it was a Democratic president who was disrespected by a Republican.

Yet, the entire black community has called Joe Wilson a racist.  Black talk radio has been all abuzz about all these racist Republicans – not only Joe Wilson, but all white Republicans, especially those who oppose Obama’s health care reform plans.

Yet for 2,920 days, liberals called Bush a liar with impunity.  Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of lying for Bush to Congress about Iraq.  But nobody called for her resignation.  In fact, Obama’s administration seems to agree with her.

Democrats not only called Bush a liar, but also a thief.  There are people still today who accuse Bush of “stealing” not one, but two elections.  Never mind that the liberal media spent days trying to find a smoking gun to prove Bush stole the elections, only to have to conclude, without a shadow of a doubt, that he won fair and square.

It’s bad enough that the same liberals (black and white) who defamed and demeaned Bush for eight years are now the same ones who won’t tolerate any criticism at all of Obama.  But to make matters worse, they want to make all criticism a result of racism.

Then, to add insult to injury, there are white liberals, such as MSNBC political commentator Keith Olbermann, who fan the flames of hatred by calling white Republicans racists.  Isn’t it strange that Olbermann, known for his frequent anti-Bush tirades, including telling the president to “shut the hell up,” has the unmitigated gall to accuse Republicans of being racist just because they don’t agree with Obama? 

This was after saying some of the most vicious things not only about Bush, but also his entire Cabinet, including former Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice.

Nobody cared that Olbermann was white and Powell and Rice were black.  In fact, the black media, entertainers and others joined white liberals in calling Rice and Powell ugly names and questioning their “blackness” just for being Republicans and working for Bush.

Needless to say, accepting intellectually dishonest Keith Olbermann as the messenger of racism to the black community is, quite frankly, ludicrous.  It’s like a drunk and pathetic Kanye West being accepted as the authority on Bush’s feelings about black people – or on anything else (other than his own music), for that matter (ask Taylor Swift and Beyoncé).  

Unfortunately, playing the race card has spawned into a cottage industry in this country.  If black folk will support a black Oakland child rapist/cop killer instead of the police who took him off the streets forever, it clearly shows they are focusing on the wrong thing.

Their focus has long been placed on an “us versus them/black versus white” situation while ignoring the truth and more pressing issues like education deficiency, teenage pregnancy, crime, drugs and violence in the black community.

So if the black street thug has more credibility than any white person, then it stands to reason that when a white Republican disrespects our black president, the community cries racism and wants his head on a silver platter.

Too bad those accusing Republicans of disrespecting Obama over the most recent 200 days didn’t show respect for Bush over the prior 2,920 days.

Barbara Howard is president of Barbara Howard & Associates and the Florida state chair for C.O.R.E. (the Congress of Racial Equality).