audrey_edmonson_street-sign_web.jpgMiami — U.S. Presidents John Adams, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington used to hang out on street corners in Liberty City. Now they are back.

Residents asked Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson to bring back the presidents’ names on street signs, and she obliged.

Edmonson began her monthly walk-though the Northwest 18th Avenue corridor April 30 by co-designating Northwest 69 Terrace as Monroe Street.

Joined by residents and business owners, she unveiled the new “old” street names of the Northwest 18th Avenue corridor from Northwest 68 to Northwest 70 Streets in Liberty City. When the area was originally platted in 1922, the streets were named after Adams, Monroe, Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington.

County officials are unsure which President Adams received the street designation.

“There’s no way to go back and check – it was so long ago,” said Marta Martinez-Alemán, a county spokeswoman. “But I suspect it was the first Adams,” the second U.S. president.

The commissioner continued her walk accompanied by members of the Elks, and Miami-Dade County Police, Public Works and Waste Management, and Code Enforcement staff. Miami Service Corps also assisted with the clean up.

Edmonson began her monthly walks in 2012 after she received complaints from residents, particularly new families moving into the Habitat for Humanity homes, and she responded.

Edmonson’s purpose is to cite negligent property owners, particularly of vacant lots, who do not cut the grass and allow garbage and debris to be dumped; assist residents whom she meets along the walks with any neighborhood concerns; and to instill a sense of ownership and pride in area merchants and residents.