alcalloway.jpgThe enslavement of Africans by Washington, Madison, Jefferson and other so-called  “founding fathers” of the United States of America, and by myriad other Occidentals, was indeed a violent upheaval, a cataclysm. It was also savage, inhuman. (According to The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “inhuman” also means “4 : of or suggesting a nonhuman class of beings.”)

White supremacy is also responsible for the near annihilation of native peoples throughout the Americas since Christopher Columbus in 1492.
And Adolf Hitler tried to exterminate European Jews from the late 1930s through World War 2. So since the European Age of Discovery, white supremacy has been a problem for the rest of humanity, which consists of Earth’s human majority by an über wide margin.

Planet Earth is changing as nature’s imminent cataclysm warns of its presence. During the flux, will white nationalists in great anxiety panic and spur their “race war”? And, if they do, will people of color, with backs against the wall, finally decide to put white supremacy down and so there would, perhaps, be two converging cataclysms?

Why not take the world’s greatest evil out even though we all may eventually go anyway, maybe even via a black hole in the heavens? There is a good chance, though, that some humanity will survive the turmoil. After all, Earth has repeatedly convulsed or even metamorphosed.

As during the known history of this planet, through eons of change, including continental drift, Africa has survived with a huge chunk broken off to form South America and who knows what else. While Europe and other areas were covered with ice, Africa was in the Temperate Zone and life thrived abundantly.

Should it happen, America’s “race war” would precipitate World War 3. Escalation of tension here will immediately spread through Europe, the Americas and Africa, signaling the Middle East rivals to attack each other, thus pulling in Russia and China.

Nature’s devastating weapon of Climate Change will bring widespread drought, fires, food and drinking water shortages and myriad other impacts. White nationalists (white supremacists) will win initial skirmishes through their hoards of weapons and shooting skill.

However, black people will steadily organize and little by little they will acquire more weapons and efficiency through guerrilla warfare and the struggle will become a protracted one.

If you are black or white and think that my scenarios are way out of line, then you don’t see the rich and super-rich hoarding everything in sight. You don’t see how white people are murdering black people under the law. And you don’t see Planet Earth changing before your very eyes.   

If you didn’t see the oligarchs polluting our streams, rivers and oceans with toxins from their plants and spewing them through smokestacks into the air and depleting the ozone while bagging huge profits and hiding their wealth abroad, thus avoiding taxes, then you had your head in the sand, as the saying goes.

Those who are not aware of the political mitosis that occurred in Washington during the 1960s have been sleepwalking. Moves made then inform what American politics is now. While Negroes were marching, begging, dying and crying, here’s what the white nationalists did:

The Dixiecrats (the Southern wing of the Democratic Party) saw that they could possibly control the entire American political system by some joining the Republican Party and strive to control both political parties. Out of that came the conservative movement with Barry Goldwater as the 1964 Republican candidate for president of the U.S.A.

Through the Civil Rights Movement, blacks flocked to the Democratic Party, even many who had been Republican. Bill Clinton got to be president and did so well until his lack of morality caught up with him precisely because he could play out being one of the good ol’ boys, being from Arkansas.

White nationalists hoodwinked black leaders into thinking they had allies in Washington, when the thrust was always to slow down black progress, keep it under control and always give black leaders that which counteth not.

One way or another, we will have to deal with insidious white supremacy.

Al Calloway is a longtime journalist who began his career with the Atlanta Inquirer during the early 1960s civil rights struggle. He is writing a book of essays. He may be reached at