NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ The Louisiana National Guard says it has a contract with a Baton Rouge company to begin getting rid of about 7,800 tons of potentially explosive artillery propellant at Camp Minden.

It said Thursday the initial contract with Explosive Service International is for $19.3 million, with another $15 million or so in federal money expected.

National Guard Maj. Gen. Glenn Curtis says Explosive Service can now begin building equipment for burning the M6 propellant and 160 tons of clean-burning igniter once owned by Explo Systems Inc.

Authorities learned there was a problem in 2012, when a bunker leased from the Guard by Explo Systems exploded. The blast shattered windows four miles away and created a 7,000-foot-high mushroom cloud.

The out-of-state owners declared Explo Systems bankrupt after storing the material more safely.