Devastation in Barbuda after Hurricane Irma



Courtesy of Black PR Wire

We all have been witnesses of the Planet Earth’s behavior in the last years. Currently, the world is facing many natural phenomena that have brought many difficult situations to many countries.

After Hurricane Irma recently, and still without having recovered, several Caribbean Islands have been completely destroyed by Mother Nature.

Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Martin, St. Thomas, Tortola, Barbuda, Dominican Republic, and Cuba are some of the affected areas by these hurricanes.

We will never forget September 2017, neither August, when hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas. It has been like living in a long horror movie.

After Irma, Islands like Barbuda suffered damage in 90 percent of its territory, also dozens of people died, and it became an uninhabitable place. The survivors had to leave the island and find refuge in neighboring countries to start their lives from zero.

Likewise, Irma continued its route towards the north causing flood damage in the Bahamas and more destruction in South Florida.

Days after, Hurricane Maria crossed the At will be slow lantic waters as category 4 and 5, leaving a catastrophe upon Dominica and Puerto Rico. As a result, whole towns will need to be rebuilt, neighborhoods are underwater, tons of people are now homeless and much of the foliage and agriculture is now lost.

In addition, 100 percent of the country has no power, the communication systems have collapsed and more than a dozen deaths have been reported.

Now the Caribbean is trying to recover from this disaster, something that will take months or probably years. According to FEMA, this will be a marathon due to the amount of damage and debris, something never seen before in Puerto Rico.

The first days after Hurricane Maria have been full of solidarity and help among citizens. In the United States, several groups have been reunited to help victims.

Entities such as United for Puerto Rico:, Friends of Puerto Rico:, The Miami Foundation:; and The Red Cross:, are some collecting donations from everywhere.

Many of those affected by the recent hurricanes are not sure how they will recover, but what we do know is this will be a long autumn and a rebirth for everyone.