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“You shape your own quality of life. No doctor, lawyer or teacher has the impact on your life that you do. No one!”

That’s what Dr. Nancy J. Williams taught her clients for over 10 years at her holistic wellness center and now teaches professional women and audiences across the country.

Providing information about the effects of sickness and disease, overcoming stress, seeking self-awareness and creating a pathway to discover your true purpose are her foundation for change.

Williams is the developer of Body Soul Essentials, all-natural “rub-on” herbal ointments – a product line she said was inspired from seeing clients at her holistic wellness center just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

“I saw clients for over 10 years and my product line addresses the top 10 health concerns African American clients suffer from,” Williams said. “My products are standing out on the market now because you get long lasting relief and no pills to take. They’re deep, penetrating and work within 15 minutes of application. Every day we get more and more testimonies of the benefits of our products. It’s very exciting and humbling to hear how the product is making a difference in so many people’s health.”

William’s journey to wellness came after she experienced the very trials she sees in many of those she advises. As the first black woman certified as an Air Traffic Control specialist at the nation’s busiest airport in Atlanta, she worked grueling hours and can vividly recount her shifts.

As the pace of work took its toll on her, she noticed the effects of the strenuous labor on her co-workers as well. After witnessing issues ranging from chronic illness to life-threatening diseases that eventually claimed lives, she refused to allow it to claim her life as well.

So she began her holistic journey and uses her dynamic skills as an educator to help others do the same.

Through her work, Williams informs audiences across the country about the effects of stress on one’s overall well-being. She has been a keynote speaker, presenter and host for businesses, organizations and churches on a local and national level, touting the importance of health and well-being.

She is a Doctor of holistic ministry, a Certified Natural Health and Lifestyle Professional and a Certified Life Coach and nutritionist. She is also the co-author of “CALM: Workplace Stress Reduction Workbook” and operates an annual “Wholistic Soul Essential Retreat” in Georgia.

She also leads annual hikes at Arabia Mountain National Heritage area and is the organizer of “The Veterans in Pain Project.”

Williams has been honored and recognized by the Atlanta Business League, Spelman College and the former mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, who called her “a role model community leader.”

To learn more about Williams’ products, visit To book her for organizational or corporate events, call 1-888-509-4439.