ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law has received The Florida Bar Foundation’s 2019 Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge Award for Outstanding Alumni Engagement.

FAMU Law placed first in the alumni category.

“We are delighted to know our graduates are making a significant difference in our communities by offering pro bono services to those who need it the most,”

said FAMU Law Interim Dean, Nicky Boothe Perry.

FAMU Law alumni are providing pro bono work for a wide variety of legal cases and community organizations, including the El So Jupiter Neighborhood Resource Center’s Legal Clinic; Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida; FAMU Law Legal Clinic; Haitians Lawyers Association; HE GOT UP!; Migration Justice Institute; Orange County Bar Association’s Wills for Heroes Program; and various legal cases including drug trafficking, probate land disputes, labor law, age discrimination, and class action lawsuits.

Some of the pro bono work is being done by Kelsey C. Burke, president-elect of the Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association and FAMU Law Class of 2015; Tanya White, MBA, Esq., TW Law Group, FAMU Class of 2014; Jianyin Liu, Esq., Law Offices of James Liu, FAMU Law Class of 2017; and Soeurette Michel, Esq., Michel Law Firm, LLC, FAMU Law Class of 2009.

“FAMU Law alumni are setting an excellent example as providers of pro bono service,” Florida Bar Foundation President Julliette E. Lippman said. “FAMU Law’s alumni dedication and commitment to pro bono service in our community is inspiring.”

The award was presented June 27 at The Florida Bar Annual Convention in Boca Raton.

Florida’s 12 law schools competed to see which could take the most pro bono cases during the spring 2019 semester using an online platform to match students with alumni mentors.

At, students used a new, cutting-edge interactive platform developed by SavvySuit to pick a pro bono case and be matched with an alumni mentor.

Cases posted by legal aid organizations on populated the law school challenge site.

The owners/developers of SavvySuit are graduates of FAMU Law.

The FAMU College of Law also hosted its first “Next Generation Legal Summit” on July 1 at the law school.

About a dozen Jones High School students participated in the one-day summit where they explored the legal system and learned how laws are made.

In addition, participants were exposed to the various careers within the legal field. They gained in-depth information on knowing their rights and how to effectively face tough situations.

“The Next Generation Legal Summit” also consisted of a mock trial where students practiced courtroom roles, critical thinking, writing and communications skills.

“FAMU Law believes in giving back to the community by motivating local students to achieve their full potential,” said FAMU Law Interim Dean, Nicky Boothe Perry.

“Spending the day around FAMU Law professors and administrators, touring the campus, and learning the law school’s history are all important parts of the students’ career growth and development.”

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