BOCA RATON, Fla. – Fulfilling its mission of helping disadvantaged youth achieve academic success, PROPEL (People Reaching Out to Provide Education & Leadership) saw six of its seniors head off to four different colleges and universities this summer.

In the fall, the following PROPEL graduates will attend these institutions of higher learning: – Guesnaisha Altena, Florida Atlantic University, as a Kelly/Strul Emerging Scholar; – Mudrine Cesar, Florida Atlantic University; – Cynthia LeConte, University of North Florida or Florida Atlantic University – Rolex St. Preux, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University – Thierry-Ven Celin, Palm Beach State College – Savannah Marshall, Florida Atlantic University – Begee Mondesir, Palm Beach State College, for EMT certification “We couldn’t be more proud of our seniors and the work ethic they demonstrated to get accepted into their respective schools,” said PROPEL CEO Gregg Francis.

“They all overcame personal and academic challenges, but none so great as to stop them from achieving their dreams. They are the epitome of why PROPEL exists.”

PROPEL is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth from south Lantana to Boca Raton achieve academic success through leadership training, tutoring and life-skills programs.

Located in east Boca Raton, PROPEL works with more than 100 students through its after-school and weekend programs, focusing on literacy enhancement, SAT/ACT Prep, STEM programs, healthy living initiatives and post- secondary career planning.

With the skills and strategies learned, students are ready to succeed once they have entered a new academic environment. Francis said four program graduates from 2018 have made the Dean’s List at FAU following their freshman year – McKenley Benoit, Michel Issac, Garsendy St. Fleur and Williamson Emilcar.

“We refer to them as Our Core Four, for continuing the academic success that they had with PROPEL,” he said. “Thanks to our staff, volunteers, supporters and donors, we are able to put these students on a great path and provide them with a strong, academic foundation. We look forward to helping even more students be amazing collegians.”

For other information visit or call 561-955-8553.