Staff Report

MIAMI – Just in time for the holidays, South Florida’s Hitt family invites you and yours to take part in the celebration of two unique, exciting and dynamic books written by Alexandria and Zoe Hitt.

The first book, entitled “Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock!” is a celebration of the Golden Season: Part One. This enchanting story is about a boy named Kolby who lives in Miamitown. Kolby is curious about seeing snow during Christmas. Although his wish to see snow this year during Christmas becomes a challenge, he and his friends still have a great time.

While celebrating in Miamitown, they experience an unexpected, magical and amazing moment during one of the last days of the “Golden Season.” Young readers will enjoy how Kolby celebrates Christmas traditions and activities in the sunshine!

The second book, entitled “Christmastime In The Snowtime With Coco The Sand Girl!” is a celebration of the Silver Season: Part Two. This delightful story is about how Kolby finally gets his wish to see snow during Christmas for the very first time.

Kolby is so excited to finally experience all of the Christmas time traditions and activities in the snow in Erietown. While celebrating with his cousins and new friends, he experiences another unexpected, magical and amazing moment during one of the last days of the “Silver Season.” Young readers will also enjoy Kolby’s magical Christmas adventure in the snow! “We hope you enjoy this magical Christmastime journey – sunshine and snowtime style,” the family said.

Alexandria and Zoe Hitt have worked on the books for over seven years. What began as a fun activity in the backseat of their parents’ (Stacey and Pamela) car on the way to elementary school in Miami developed into a huge Christmas story that was so big, they had to create a “Part One” and a “Part Two.”

Alexandria served as the lead author for part one of the magical Christmas adventure which introduced the character Coco the Magic Rock. Zoe took the helm as the lead author for part two which continues in the snow with Coco the Sand Girl! Stacey and Pamela couldn’t be prouder of the outcome of those car rides with their daughters.

“We enjoyed every minute of our discussions while taking you to school every morning. Although creating topics and books was a way to keep you quiet, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It was a joy, and a pleasure, and something we will always cherish,” they wrote on their website.

Alexandria, 19, is now a freshman at Florida State University, working on her international finance degree while younger sister Zoe, 15, is home schooled and following her tennis dreams. Both have aspirations to write more books in the future.

To obtain a copy of the books, visit,, and other online bookstores. You can also visit Pyramid Books, located at 544- 2 Gateway Blvd. in Boynton Beach. For more information, visit, and/or follow The Hitt Family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @roaddollls.