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Miami – Nurishyou, a new southwest Florida-based healthy eating company, recently announced it is offering its health-focused meal delivery services to South Florida for less than $9 per meal with free delivery to offices and businesses.

It offers made-from-scratch menus to fit a variety of health and diet goals, making healthier eating easier and more affordable than ever.

The meal plan has been successful in business and office settings, wherein healthy, portion-controlled meals are delivered to a group, thus encouraging healthy lifestyles in the work place.

This employee-focused healthy lifestyle strategy can dramatically increase productivity and reduce health care costs for, the company said.

Relying solely on word-of-mouth, the new meal service has already built a strong track record.

Its said its early success is largely due to its realistic, slow-and-steady approach and its no-contract, low-cost options that are perfect for everyone from minimum-wage employees to Clevel executives.

Nurishyou provides each client with one portion-controlled meal per day, along with tips and tricks on how to eat healthy. The dieticians at Nurishyou offer customizable plans that encourage a slow, manageable transition away from foods that are high in dangerous fats or full of artificial sugars and unrecognizable ingredients.

Clients can choose from the traditional menu, the Carnivore menu or the vegetarian menu. Traditional meals from nurishyou typically do not exceed 500 calories, but instead focus on crafting nutrition-packed and portion-controlled meals.

The company’s menu options change every week, allowing clients to enjoy fresh options and try new things on a regular basis.

“What really differentiates us from the meal services you typically hear about is our low-cost, personal approach to health,” said Ingrid Daniels of Nurishyou. “At Nurishyou, we believe eating right shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our main goal is to help people live a happy, healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank, and we do that by delivering nutritious and tasty meals from scratch.”

Nurishyou customers have the option to increase their order to two meals per day, which has proven to be a popular option. The plan’s cost-effective nature and baby-steps approach helps people understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult and intimidating.

According to the company, clients often report weight loss and improved blood work after starting on a Nurishyou meal plan.